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  1. So as much as I love the patent pleated ergo satchels, I'm not sure I'll be able to get one. They are just selling so fast and unless I get a coupon of they come out for Macy's F&F, I just don't think I can swing it. What I'm wondering though, is if we might not see more of these released later in other colors since they sold so well. I know Coach does that sometimes. What do y'all think?

    And just for fun...what color would you love to see? I'd probably die if it came in RED.
  2. Is there any way you would get one now, in the off chance that they are not re-released, and sell something you currently have? I really admire your willpower and self-discipline because if something comes out that I really love I don't consider waiting for PCE or anything else for that matter. I immediately go to the boutique and either buy or order. Considering that these bags are limited, I really think you should think about getting one now.

    As for colors, I am boring and always carry black so my opinion is worthless. ;)
  3. Hehe. I'm debating it really. I shouldn't do it and I would have to return my tattersall tote and turquoise Carly to be able to make it happen. I'd hate to give up turquoise Carly. But I'm thinking about it.

    I always just figure it's only a bag and if I miss out, I won't die or anything. I should add that I'm not nearly so calm and cool about everything, lol. Ask me about the fit I'm having because I'm getting a B instead of an A in one of my classes.
  4. ^I am sure that you've already considered this, but I think it would be a lot easier to pick up another Tattersall tote and Carly down the road than a pleated Ergo satchel. Or, can you just return the Tattersall tote and keep Carly too?
  5. I don't mean to be a troll here today but I bought a black patent mini skinny and the care card that came with it said that over time the shininess will wear off. :wtf: So I'm wondering just how long does the patent shininess last on Coach patent bags? Probably a long time. Long enough for us to get tired of the bag.
  6. ^Interesting! I had no idea that could happen. I have a pair of Ireland patent wedges and a mahogany patent mini-skinny both of which I've had for about a year now and both are still very shiny.
  7. It's good that you're being so patient about the bag, and you may be surprised by the fact that you can still get one. If you REALLY love it and are willing to trade one of your other bags, go for it. Have you seen it in person? Can you go to the boutique and try one on? Maybe that would help.

    One thing I've learned is that there will ALWAYS be another 'must have gorgeous handbag' down the road. Every time I see the perfect bag, another beauty also catches my eye!
  8. I'd love red too, but make it patent!
  9. Red would be HOT too..

    but of course, i'd love to see it in *purple*

    Like a medium purple.. not too dark.. and patent of course!
  10. Purple :love:
  11. I would probably want a CHOCOLATE BROWN!!!
  12. I would inquire for Macy's F&F!! BY the way, they are handing out the discount cards at the Coach counter. I picked up mine today, and nobody is excluded. I was told they will be getting stock soon for the pleated satchels. The SA is going to pull a burnt orange one for me if it arrives there in time for F&F. I also have her looking for the Kiki and sunflower Bridgit just in case they can get those bags as well. Since the pleated satchel was on her list, she's sure it will come in by the event..possibly within the week. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high just in case, and if not, then I will just purchase it at retail from her when she does get it (since I'm pissed I didn't get the $50 coupon, I think I'll boycott Coach for a while, lol). Anyway, I already reseved the tattersall cosmetic pouch today at Macy's, and they just hold it for you...no payment or credit card info required.

    Not sure about the patent ergos, though, but you should have them check! Oh, and if one Macy's gives you the runaround, try another. The first store I went to was clueless and told me that Coach was not included for F&F this time. That's not true!
  13. I was just in a Coach boutique and she told me that JAX only has about 300 of the pink patent satchels in the Pleated Ergo - she said the Patent is going fast and she wasn't sure if they were going to have more. Not sure about the leather. I saw her pink satchel IRL and it is gorgeous - the pink is very nice - it's bright, but not neon at all.
  14. This is very true and I actually think it is why I'm being so calm. I keep telling myself that if I miss out altogether, there's always ebay. I'm not sure these are in the boutique yet, are they?

    Oooh....purple! :tup:

    I asked the SA at my Macy's and she told me they almost certainly won't be getting these before F&F because "they're new" and they always "wait until after an event to release new things". So I gave up hope of getting mine from Macy's. :sad: But with the way they've been so inconsistent with info lately, I'm thinking maybe I should just try another Macy's and ask them there.

    If I can get Macy's F&F, or a Coach coupon, I would only need to raise about $200 to be able to get this bag. The other options I'm considering are:

    1) ebaying a couple bags. Probably Chelsea mineral hobo and camel suede soho satchel. Maybe my black studded gallery tote too. I just don't know if they will sell. I've never tried selling my bags on ebay before.

    2) Returning my large turquoise Carly and rebuying during F&F. But I do love turquoise Carly and if I return her and rebuy during F&F...somehow I'd end up spending about $100 more on the two bags together. (Bought Carly during the last PCE).

    I have no idea. :shrugs: