What are the % chances to get an failed surgery?

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  1. Hi im from Germany and my english isnt that good :greengrin:

    I plan to do an V-Line surgery, Reducing Cheekbones (Zygoma) and Rhinoplasty + Hump nose correction + Alar reduction.

    Many People talking about failed surgerys. But what do they mean? For example failed V-Line surgery, are they mad because their bones still looking like before the operation? So should i be prepared that my face wont change that much like i hope it will change? I always see picture like this: http://www.eastamedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/V-line-Jaw-Reduction-Surgery_image-8.jpg

    But is it rare that the square jaw will change that much? I never saw real results from independent patients. Are results like in this pictures common?
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    Hi dear, I haven't had this done, but i am planning to go for square jawline reduction. I can only tell you from a medical aspect since that's what i study, and the comments/ news i have seen so far about these type of surgeries.

    There are alot of possible outcomes that can be called "failed" surgery. From a medical perspective, any surgery come with risks and possible adverse outcomes.
    We have alot of nerves and blood vessels running on our faces. complications of the surgery that involves cutting into the bone can be noticed quickly after the swelling's gone down, as well as years to come and the damage might be permanent.
    Some people end up uneven jawline shape and their chin may be pointing to one side. Maybe there's also possibility of nerve damage too? so like stroke (cerebrovascular accident) patients, one side of the face is droopy and sensation may be numb. Sometimes the facial muscle motor may be impaired, like maybe you can't open your mouth properly, or talk properly.
    As for long term result, going by medical text book theory - if you have bone tissue damage, chances are it's going to be like arthritis in the future. So in cold weather seasons the bone area that's been damaged might hurt. Surgeries that cut into bone is causing bone tissue damage, it's the same principle, so if it's the same idea then the result are likely going to be the same too. So maybe the zygomatic arch area and the mandible area will ache in winter/ rainy days. Unfortunately, this is permanent, because the bone is cut.

    I'm not sure if this can be counted as failed surgery, but many people that had V-line and zygomatic arch reduction find their skin sags down. Understandable, since the surgeries are taking away the bones and the excess skin and fat will end up going down towards to your neck, under the chin. In that case, i think the only way to fix it is procedures like face lifts. The severity of the sag will depend on the elasticity of your skin, and how much bone has been taken off, and ofcause the skill of the surgeon. Some people may not experience this sagging immediately, it may take years as you age, your skin loose it's elasticity and the sag will become more apparent. But it also depend on the method your surgeon will use for you. I hear if they need to make your chin longer, it may actually prevent sagging, since it'll fill up all the extra skin.

    I think the biggest and most immediate worry for everyone is the jawline or the cheeks dont match, so the face is asymmetrical. For example, one side is cut more than the other side.
    So research alot, look into many clinics and their reviews. Look for any history of accidents, look at their surgeon's qualifications and if the hospital have won awards/ certificates ..etc.
    I'm also looking to have facial contouring done for my jawline. :smile: it's hard to decide on a clinic.
    Have you looked into any clinics yet? there are many threads on this forum that talk about which clinic is more trustworthy and which ones to stay away from. there are also people here that have talked about their facial contouring experiences, there are positive and negative outcomes. So research, read lots, and look into the clinics' background, news, any negative comments/ media reports.
    Hope this helped. :smile: I'm sure there many people here with personal experiences will also add more info for you, and correct me with their personal stories if im wrong. But what i just listed are medical science facts and these kind of complications (failed surgery outcome) and risks exist for any type of surgeries.
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  3. I'm new here and I find your post to be very useful :smile: I'm thinking about getting facial contouring in Korea!
  4. ive seen some botched photos of facial contouring, they photo is either not symetrical or the bone is no cut straight leaving bumps on the jaw bone..
    and for the successful facial contouring they look like most the kpop girl idols ! lol
    so yes its common i guess to get those results,
    ive lived in korea before and noticed that the vline surgery is very common here
  5. ultimately whether your surgery succeeds or not is really luck. Just go a trusted doctor.
    Even the best surgeons fail sometimes. You could be the 10% that gets a kpop celebrity level face or the 10% who looks like a surgery monster afterwards. Sometimes its hard to say.
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  6. You need to make sure you do your research properly especially when considering such an invasive and complicated surgery.

    Not only do you need to research the surgery itself and it's complications, but it is so so soooo important that you also research individual clinics and the doctors that perform the surgery at each clinic. Do not go into this blind and get sucked in by the beautiful promoters and marketing tactics. Once you get to Korea as well, make sure to consult with the doctor that will be performing your surgery and make sure that you both understand what results you want, should expect and are realistic for your face. Nobody has the exact same face, so just because a certain style suits someone else it may not suit you.

    This procedure can also get very expensive very fast, many consultants online will tell you that you'll need additional surgeries to achieve the desired aesthetic. If you're not comfortable doing any of these, DON'T DO IT. Make sure you know what you want and don't be persuaded with sweet words into doing anything that you don't want to do.

    With cost as well, the most expensive clinic is not always the best clinic. Just because a clinic is big and fancy (ID) doesn't necessarily mean that they will perform a better job than a more modest clinic.

    If you do not know what a failed surgery is, it means you haven't researched it enough. You need to really know the advantages, disadvantages and possible complications associated with any surgery you wish to do.

    Another forum member posted about her experience at ID and was horrified at her results, I cannot remember which thread it was in but she also linked her realself post, which has very detailed posts about her experience and her post-surgery along with pictures. I will link it below, and if by any chance she sees this and would like me to remove it I will. https://www.realself.com/review/hospital-south-korea-gangnam-district-orthognathic-surgery-korea-hospital

    Obviously just because you can only find good or bad reviews of clinics or doctors, does not mean everybody's experience will be good or bad. I don't think there is a doctor who will have a 100% success rate and 100% customer satisfaction, but going to a clinic/doctor with a higher rate of customer satisfaction/success will obviously give you a better chance of leaving happy in the end.

    But my biggest tip you should take away from this is research research research! I had my heart set on doing this surgery, but after much research and consideration I decided in the end that I would only want natural and modest results, and the potential complications both immediate and future outweighed the benefits that I sought.

    Best of luck though!
  7. I would like to add to above, have realistic goals.
    People keep on having unrealistic goals (like 10-20% reduction to face width) will be disappointed.

    Note: That pic is photoshopped. Many clinics photoshop the before results also, not only the after (make the before wider/worse than it is).
  8. you are right

    ID is a very well known place for foreingers and their promotion is great, it goes to show that popular clinics can also make mistakes...
    there are many unhappy patients everywhere and just because ID looks so big and glamourous doesnt mean its the best, people should do research adn not expect 100% results
  9. There was a Chinese documentary mentioned ID botched some Chinese patients a few years ago, and some protested at their clinic.... ID was in Let me In Korean most popular plastic surgery show and that how the clinic got famous...

    I am always wanting to have a vline, but after reading the link of botched vline, it really has put me off big time...
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  10. There are always chance of faliure. Actually I always wish me luck that I can wake up from anesthesia after surgery or I won't get botched.
    I think its kinda random or up to luck, but we better be cautious and search a lot before going through surgery..
  11. Exactly, all surgeries carry risk. I did GA once and luckily I was able to wake up after and didn't wake up at the middle of surgery etc. But I felt sick when I got home after drinking some water. With my eyes surgery, it was so smooth though it was on sleeping sedation, and I woke up at the end and no sickness at all and the eye surgery went very well, so very happy with that.

    But when it comes to jaws or vline surgery, it is another level of risk and possible failure...
  12. I know, right? I was scarred stiff when I planned for my surgery too. I had the idea for so long but when I finally saved roughly enough budget I began to research and research for hours. There's many terrible and horror surgery cases floating around the net and I was kinda discouraged. We can only hope that we're not the unlucky one. Coz doctor is human too and they have good days and bad days. We'll never know if he's in a good condition or not. I tried to make my doctor and consultant happy by giving them macadamia chocolate lol
    It sounds silly but I guess it works? My surgery was a success and I'm very happy that's why I decided to post my story soon!
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