What Are The Chances Of Me EVER Finding...

  1. a Black Patent Quilted Elise???
    I KNOW the stores are sold out :crybaby: but do you think SOMEBODY out there in ebayland will ever list an authentic one ???

    My SA at NM is supposed to call me when the new Quilted Elise comes in but I so wanted a Patent one...

  2. ive been looking for an elise too... are they making it again? i thought it was just a seasonal bag... my sis ended up buying one on ebay for a few hundred above the retail price... im looking for one in chalk patent
  3. the elise so purdy! just popped in to wish you good luck!!
  4. i just saw one yesterday on ebay (ended yesterday too) from an UK seller, it was more than i wanted to pay....im looking for one too.
  5. Vicky, call Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (714.957.3604; very big selection of MJ and Chloe) and ask for Marty in Handbags. Give him your number so that he can call you as soon as Quilted Elise comes in. I refer everyone I know to him -- very nice, helpful, extremely knowledgable, and trustworthy SA. Ask him to inspect the bag's condition beforehands.

    Nordstrom's Resort 06 Look Book shows a Topaz Elise (light blue color).

    Honestly, I haven't seen an Ursula Elise that I'm totally sure of its authencity on ebay for months. At the beginning of this year, I saw 3 real ones: 2 from tPFers (1 chalk, 1 Midnight), 1 from Leboutique (listed for ~$1500USD). They are hard to come by, all were sold close and/or over retail ($1050). A tPFer is parting with her Chalk Elise, I haven't seen it on ebay yet.

  6. Yes, Quilted Non-Patent Elise is one of the styles for Resort 2006 (arriving in stores any time now). Colors include Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, and Saddle Brown.
  7. yesssssssssssssssss, the elise is coming back again!? cant wait! i definitely want the white!