What are the chances of finding a Grenat Box? Did they even make it?

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  1. Well I just returned my Grenat purse. Loved the color and need to have another bag but the purse style wasn't good for me. Any ideas where to find a twiggy or even thinking of a box? Thanks!:yes:
  2. Aloha Rag has grenat Twiggys in stock as of 4 days ago when they sent me their inventory by email.

    Love the grenat.:love:
  3. I spoke to Jumpei last night and they are all gone. I'm so sad. I was hoping to save on the tax
  4. That's too bad. Wow!!! Those things fly over there. Makes me wonder if my black Purse will still be available.:sweatdrop:
  5. BalNY does not have the Grenat Box left..