What are the best skinny jeans, but a bit cheaper than JBrand in EU ?

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  1. I don´t know about US but here a pair of JBrand is 220 $...
    My budget would be more like 150$ max.
    So...the best skinnies ??
  2. Maybe you could try a pair of Jbrands on and look for the same style online and have them shipped to you?

    If not, there are Cheap Mondays but I'm personally not a fan.

    It's surprising but my friend did buy some skinnies at H&M and Dorothy Perkins that looked just amazing on her, it might be worth looking there if you have those stores where you are
  3. ^I've gotten a great pair of skinnies at H&M! I'd been looking for a pair with zippers on the ankles for ages :smile: The denim is nice and thick too.