What are the best months to sell on Ebay?

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  1. I have only been selling on ebay for 6 months and was wondering when the best months to sell are. I've stopped all my auctions for now (I usually list between 10-25 items - all designer) just because it seemed to get a lot less interest. I am thinking about taking a month off, only because I think a lot of people won't be buying too many high end things in January after buying everything for the holidays.

    I do sell things that are season-specific - winter: coats, sweaters, etc. and I feel I offer good prices (usually 50-70% retail).

    Any advice would be great!

    Thank you!
  2. Summer items are good to start in Feb, winter is good to start in July for me usually.
    Everything else is hit/miss, sometimes you just have to get listing, timing is everything!
    Most people are reporting Dec is very slow this year. January picks up for me usually, people get $ for the holidays.
  3. December is sooooooooo S L O W this year!
    I've got my fingers crossed Swanky that January does pick up!
  4. Thank you so much Swanky for the heads's up.....

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that sales will skyrocket in January (one can hope:yes::smile:
  5. I'm sure you've already experienced this but I have found that eBay is really seasonal. For example, don't sell sandals in December and winter coats in July. I have the best luck on my auctions when I end them on Sunday evenings. But I definitely have noticed that less of my things sell -- I'm thinking that probably has to do with the amount of traffic and maybe the market is getting saturated.
  6. well, I'm mainly roaming eBay for Vuitton and I noticed that (at least on eBay Germany) Lv items seem to be selling for more than they did a month ago

    I guess that's the holiday spirit :shrugs:
  7. I'd think that now would be a good time with Christmas comin', no?
  8. I thought the December would be a better month for sales for me, but I think the market is very saturated, as everyone is trying to sell right now. I actually had more success on my auctions in August/September!
  9. Honestly, October through December are good months for selling. However, those are actually the worst months for shipping so I have to state in my auctions that shipping will take longer. I just love when people live way across the country, pay for the cheapest shipping option, then complain when they don't have their item RIGHT NOW. Lol.
  10. I have winter items I also want to post on ebay too... considering black Friday is coming up next week and my auctions will probably end the Sunday after that, should I wait until January to list auctions? Or, if they're already buying things, they'll be more inclined to buy more? I don't usually sell during the holidays, so I'm not sure...
  11. I think from now til early december is a good time to sell. I'm one of those people who can't stand in line for black friday for so-called good deals
  12. Think that you have to put up what you want to sell and take a shot at it.

    You never know and that to me is part of what ebay is about: the thrill of the hunt.

    So there are still a few weeks left before the holidays, so why wait?

    Go for it, you may be pleasantly surprised and have some extra holiday $'s
  13. In past years October, November,& until mid December.Then again in Jan,as many people get cash.Crossing fingers for a great year for everyone to get extra cash & give the economy a much needed boost!!
  14. I started selling this time around in last year and it was good to me.
    Haven't sold a while, but I just looked my closet and thought maybe I should give a shot.:graucho:
  15. i find that the right item can sell in the wrong season, for eg i used to work in retail and found on hot summers day someone would come in looking for leather gloves because they are going overseas to a country that is in the middle of winter. but then make sure not to many other leather gloves are listed at the time and make sure your listing stands out if you kwim

    its not just gloves it cam be anything i was only giving an eg lol