What are the benefits from purchasing a bag through a sales associate............

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  1. versus online? I don't have any boutiques or major high end department stores within proximity of where I live so I normally make purchases online. So I was just wondering what are the benefits of dealing with a sales associate.
  2. I've found that dealing with a sales associate sometimes gets you merchandise that might otherwise be "out of stock." For example, something could be mis-tagged as something else but a live person will catch it. Plus, you get the benefit of customer service and human contact. They'll also notify you of sales or early arrivals and they can sometimes throw in extras, like samples for cosmetics SAs.

    That being said, I like ordering online using Live Help, which is generally quite helpful (some sites, not so much). But then you can't ask a web page about specifics about a product, like what shade of yellow is a bag for example.
  3. ^ I agree totally, and, obviously, you get the benefit of the SAs advice. For example I was in Hermes in a smallish European country and he advised me that the waiting list there was miniscule for a Birkin, but you would need an address (not hotel or PO Box number) in that country to order one. I also live in a town without decent shops so have to rely on the internet for a great deal of my purchases, sometimes it can't be helped. X
  4. Also, if you develop a good rapport with an SA, they usually give you a heads up on sales and any new items that they have.
  5. If you have a special SA, and they know you are looking for a certain item to come into the store sometimes they will stash one away for you until you can get to the store.
  6. Point in case, I bought a new bag today from a store 400 miles away. List was around 1475 last year or two's model which is now available on bluefly for 880 and ebay for 400. Mine was 288.

    I found out a sale was going on at the outlet and called to inquire. The SA took a picture of the 70% off sales rack and when I had questions about other bags he sent me individual pictures of them. Then sent me pics of all the cheaper brand's bags in the store. I called the other outlets and emailed them and only one responded who basically told me the only bags on sale were two of their cheaper brand. No offer about what they looked like or anything else.

    The guy definitely earned my loyalty. he's sent me a ton of pics and interested me in getting a second bag by the end of the week! I just thought all stores were the same with the same stuff at the same prices. NOT true. I am definitely going to keep this guys name as a go-to before I start scouting ebay or the internet.
  7. I looove the SA's at my coach outlet! This one named Ryan watched this woman who was carrying around the bag I wanted with some other bags and kept asking if she had decided yet to make sure she didn't set the bag down and let someone else grab it up. She's the whole reason I'm a coachie now!