What are the bare-minimum contents of your purse?

  1. The least I ever carry is:

    1. ID
    2. Wallet (or sometimes, if it's a REALLY TINY bag, I leave the wallet behind and just take cash, credit cards and my Metrocard)
    3. Lip color

    That's it. If I'm with my husband, I don't even need my keys because he has his. Mind you, though, this is only when I'm going out at night and carrying a very small clutch... usually, I have much more! ;)
  2. wallet, small brush, lipbalm, lipstick, hairties and such, sunnies, keys, cel, small bottles of VS insatiables lotion and cologne
  3. Sometimes I just dash out with my tikel pouchette. Cash/credit cards, keys and phone.
  4. The absolute least i'll carry in my purse are:

    • my wallet (which is kind of big and long)
    • lipgloss (MAC, because it's small)
    • cell phone
    • hair elastic
    However it is very rare that you'll find me with only those things, usually my purse is crammed full of junk :p
  5. Phone, wallet, keys and Burts bees
  6. cell, lip balm, ID, ATM card
  7. Wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, Tide pen, pen, Kleenex, hand lotion, dental floss, Advil, keys, sunglasses.
  8. Dior cosmetic bag, Treo cell phone and MJ zip clutch. All 3 are a must. :smile:
  9. the least i need is my debit card, driver's license, car key, and apartment key, and sometimes that's all i take if i'm going to a bar (the less i have on me, the less i can lose in a drunken stupor). i have a marc jacobs pouch attached to my keys, and i can put my cards/cash in that, so i usually just need my key ring and my phone. sometimes when i go to work that's all i take.
  10. Wristlet w/ all identification, comb, small cosmetic bag, cell phone, keys.

  11. Wallet, sunglasses, make-up pouch, cell phone, and keys. =)
  12. Arghhh, only the bare minimum?? I don't think I know what that is LOL. I always carry lots of junk into my bags (which is why this big bag trend came as a blessing!). Either way, if I had to keep it to a minimum it'd be:

    -Driver's licence
  13. Mirror, Lipgloss, ID, Cash, CCs, Cell & Keys
  14. 1. Cash
    2. Cell
    3. Driver's License
    4. 1 Key
  15. -wallet
    -lip gloss
    -cell phone