What are the bags in the tPF banner?

  1. I know this is a silly question, but what bags do you think the girls in the tPF banner at the top of the page are holding? :smile:

    I think the girl in the purple skirt is holding a speedy. What's the girl in the pink skirt holding? Maybe a Chole of some kind, because of the little padlock?
  2. a LV speedy and a Hermes birkin?
  3. that what I always thought. That banner made me want a speedy :tup:
  4. Ohhhhh- I see the Birkin-ness of it now! Ok! Thanks lothlorien14 and glamourous_girl for humoring my silly little question - I'd just always wondered what they were! :lol:
  5. I use the old version of tPF, but I do believe it's supposed to be the LV Speedy & the Hermes Birkin!
  6. Gee, I didn't realize that the Birken was so big. I thought that bag she's carrying was a tote!
  7. I agree, I think in a speedy and a birkin...
  8. Yep, speedy and birkin!
  9. Speedy and Birkin :yes: