What are some reasonable things to ask for from a boyfriend?

  1. My boyfriend hinted yesterday that he would buy me a piece of LV for Valentine's. I'm super excited but I feel a little guilty at the same time, because he will also be buying us dinner and getting me chocolates (same as every year) and he said he doesn't need anything from me (although I may buy him a little something anyway).

    I told him about the Vernis heart shaped coin purse and how much I liked it, and he asked me how much it was, because maybe he can get it for me for Valentine's, but he nearly choked on his water when he heard it was $350 USD.

    So, I asked him if we could go to the LV at Holts sometimes and browse around and he said yes...

    Now my question is, what are some reasonable items for him to get me for Valentine's, around the $100-$300 mark? List ALL ideas, whatever you can think of, please!

    P.S. Are they actually coming up with a red inclusion bracelet?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. The Pochette is nice and a lovely little bag to take out in the evening and goes with everything, In England it is £140 so in America it would prob be about $280,
  3. I had a dream about red inclusion bracelet last night..it's gorgeous!!! I hope LV will make it..

    if not that heart shape vernis, may be candy apple cles,candy apple agenda, shawl,scarf
  4. I was actually thinking of the Azur pochette...yes...because I was planning to get that for myself after Christmas, but got a new cellphone instead.
  5. i really want the heart for v-day too but it's a bit much to ask for....
  6. the mini pochettes are cute too and useful (use it alone or in a larger bag), but not too expensive!
    you have the azur, ebene or mono options also....
  7. How about a keychain? Maybe the miroir inventeur one?
    Or.....some type of cles? Maybe a bandana or scarf?
  8. $350 seems like a lot for the heart shaped coin purse .... hmm i know this is above $300 but the MC Trousse Wapity :yes: thats what i'm asking my boyfriend for valentine's day or my birthday! it seems to fit more than a coin purse and its $335 .... or you can always do something like he gives you a maximum amount he will pay for and you can cover the rest? that way its not as expensive for you to pay for? or you can just pay for dinner and he gets you a gift :graucho:
  9. i am getting the heart as a vday gift to myself...

    the pomme d'amour cles is nice! i think its $225CDN + tax? I got mine awhile ago...so i may be wrong.
  10. ^^ that bunny is so cute. is it a neatherland dwarf?
  11. Awww blushingbaby...no...your bunny is getting that for you :yes:

    Arghhh the Wapity! What a great idea...I love the white MC one, but it's a little over what I'd want him to pay. I think it's $380 CAD + tax, and I don't really want anything that's more expensive than the heart coin purse.

    The Mini pochettes are a good idea...may consider that...but I already have a similar Coach clutch for school, so I'll have to evaluate its usefulness.

    I was thinking of the Valentine's Pastilles keychain in white or pink? Does anyone know how much that one is?

    The new vernis phone strap is cute, but I already got phone charms for my new phone...
  12. I think the vernis cles is gorgeous if you have a use for it.
  13. Yep, I've heard they're coming out with red inclusion from a member of another board I'm on. I may have even seen it on one of the preview sheets (it was a quick glimpse and I remember being unsure if it was a red or framboise bracelet). I didn't have time that night to ask about it though.
  14. You'll probably see many new things just for V-Day when you both go browsing at Holts. :rolleyes:
  15. elle, do you know what colour crystals they will use for it?