What are some of your unpopular Chanel opinions?


Dec 25, 2017
I guess it depends on the type of brooch. I have various brooches that are not the standard CC brooches and I wear them not to suggest I am wearing Chanel, but because I like how they look on my, e.g, coat. In fact, you'd have to have your face on my chest lol to see the cc on them.
I am not at all suggesting that that would be every wearers intention. I am just saying that it can appear that way, which if taken that way by the viewer, may seem a bit ”unflattering”. I wish I could get over this thought since many brooches like that are quite pretty, the CC ones included, but this instant assumption, including the assumption that others would think the same, makes me steere away from them myself. And also, someone might actually mistake something I wore for Chanel, which to me would be almost equally awkward as wearing a fake piece.

But I like the clean look of letters as symbols, such as CC, YSL, GG, LV etc., and they are often, aesthetically, more easily incorporated than symbols that actually represents something more specific, like flowers, hearts, horse shoes, lions, bees, flies and such. So I do understand the appeal.
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Aug 31, 2008
Cross post from 19 tote thread. just got an older 100% cuir agneau lambskin jacket (white with gold cracking flecks throughout) back from the cleaners. It’s from 2003 autumn. And I purchased it directly from 57th st myself. The last cleaning was bc my mom borrowed it for some months and then left it in a humid room in ASia lol. It was musty and restored perfectly. I love chanel lambskin. Also a skirt from 2000P That I purchased on sale at 57th st. I’ve had really good luck with chanel bags (purchased many pre 2008, and then again 2020) too. But I don’t examine for microscopic flaws . pictured with vintage Hermes metallic silver chèvre clutch, restored by @docride, for contrast :smile:.

4CCB2CEA-B077-48A6-93CB-F57D6F948B3B.jpeg 32F92ABF-D626-4022-A825-56F91AFC27D1.jpeg C5816946-5572-4A85-AE88-B37BE2D89D2B.jpeg


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Feb 28, 2016
I just saw this @TraceySH! I'm intrigued! What were you referring to??
So, awhile ago, one of the boutique SD's said that Chanel, NOT the SA or the SD, see shoes/ leather/ costume jewelry clients as "rodents" (but it was in French)...meaning, they looked down upon them like annoying little rats who come in and buy the cheap stuff just to get the CC on them somewhere (& be affiliated w/ the brand). Chanel does NOT value these clients, and obviously does not give them status, ever. Chanel only gives both status & deference to clients buying across fine or high jewelry/ RTW/ watches.

Some boutiques have their own sort of internal status, where if you spend a bunch just on leather goods, the BOUTIQUE treats you very well. However, the status assignment only comes from the mother ship.

All statuses w/o RTW/ watches/ fine jewelry were wiped out a couple of months ago (you could get to elite or elite + with just leather goods, for instance, but never to VIC or VVIC). Those statuses are now gone & you can only attain even basic statuses buy purchasing across the aforementioned lines.
I agree with everything you said!
-I prefer caviar leather on flap bags
-I don’t like the jumbo and maxi size flap bags
-I think a lot of the Chanel costume jewelry looks tacky
-I think the boy bags are really ugly

Sorry if you guys like it :P
I’m new here so I apologize for commenting on an older post, but I completely agree with you! I’ve known people who have purchased the costume jewelry and it breaks in a couple months Also adding that I’m not sure how I feel about the new 22 bag.
I suppose my unpopular opinion is that I am over Chanel. I've had the worst "luck" being able to purchase a classic flap without quality problems. In my most recent attempt, I found the zipper has paint peeling/chipping and leather peeling on the chain once again. $9k bag and they can't use a supplier with quality zippers? C'mon, it's just lack of respect for the consumer at this point. I checked my cheaper bags and none had this issues. I'm moving on, my craze/desire for this brand is not there anymore. YSL is my next preferred brand. It's great in terms of quality & I'm sure it's got it's issues too but for a quarter of the price my bags are of great quality. The brand is on trend and offers a much wider variety of styles. Also, I don't worry about looking too flashy or being mugged. I don't buy bags for investment purposes but to use and enjoy and Chanel has given me more stress than joy.
Agreeing with you on so much of what you’ve said here. I think if you want to keep increasing your price, then your quality and craftsmanship better match. I have also been loving YSL, too.
I really dislike Chanel 19 bag. What is the hype? It looks like a pillow, has no structure and the chain (top one) is very lightweight to the point of looking like a plastic toy. The bag is over-glamorized, imho.
lol! that was my initial reaction about this bag's horrific appearance when it was first launched . Fast forward three years later, i still held to that opinion until lately for these last 3 months (maybe it's long covid 's effect on the brain! lol) i had a change of heart when i started to see more of this bag in the wild and instagram photos (really brainwashing and constant bombardment of the same stuff or either way I had gone bonkers ) I ended up with 3 of these bags in the small size!
The chain and leather straps of the newer CFs are not well made, the edges of the leather dont even have a clean cut and their "termination point" is much more obvious than that of my older chanel bags' straps.
Is it that bad? I was considering if i should get the cf grey medium.How's the 22b grey like quality wise? Is the base of the bag as sturdy as CF of yesteryears ? (which I am rather concern with recent ones, thought they were seasonal specific coz leather differs and varies season to season)