What are some of your unpopular Chanel opinions?


Dec 27, 2010
I saw a similar post in the LV sub-forum and decided to start one here.

Here's my unpopular opinion:
I dislike how personal shoppers/resellers like to entice buyers by tagging certain Chanel bags as 'highly sought after' and therefore charge a higher price on the bag.

I agree with this! Once when I was at What Comes Around Goes Around in NYC, the salesperson made a comment about how Chanel prices increase every year and “we actually haven’t increased our prices to reflect the most recent increase.” What? Why is that necessary? Is that supposed to make me feel good about buying this item?

Chanel (including those who resell Chanel) have such aggressively annoying selling techniques.


May 3, 2015
  • The classic flap is the only style Of Chanel handbag that I will buy
  • Double flap bags can be a pain to get into and out of, and also heavy
  • It’s not worth it to buy light color patent leather bags/SLGs
  • Silver hardware doesn’t stand out to me as much as gold hardware
  • The prices can be excessive, and price increases are ridiculous
  • Boy bags are too boxy and uncomfortable to wear
  • Chanel Espadrilles are unattractive and impractical to wear most of the year, depending on climate you live in. (They are comfy though)
  • Costume jewelry is overpriced since it does not have real pearls, gold, or silver


Jan 2, 2020
My eyeballs say the Gabrielle Hobo is quite ugly, yet I STILL went and bought a black one in the large size and now it's become one of my workhorse bags, and I don't know how to reconcile half my brain being like, "the bottom looks like a maxi pad!" and the other half being like, "but it's so roomy and durable!" :confused1:

This made me laugh out loud! I couldn't ever place why I thought the bag had a strange look, but you nailed it! On the other hand, I have similar feelings that it seems like such a practical and durable bag


Jan 2, 2020
I know many people appreciate the different types of leathers even within one style (i.e. caviar), but it's so frustrating to me that I have to see a bag in person to know the quality of the leather. I have a classic black and a seasonal grey, and the texture/look is wildly different (though I love them both). Given many of us end up purchasing through SAs without actually seeing the bag, this gives me anxiety!