what are some of the forum frenzy or hard to get bags that you've passed up on?

  1. i passed up on the following:

    - GST in blk w/ both gold and silver at the pre increase price,
    - the blush patent classic flap, in both med/large and the jumbo
    - the navy patent jumbo flap,
    - the navy patent reissue 226,
    - the 07 red med/large size (i ended up with the e/w),
    - the 07 beigie med/large flap w/ the new chain, i think very few stores got (okaay, so maybe that wasn't a forum frenzy piece, but it was gorgeous)
    - pink medallion tote on sale
    - pink bowler on sale

    i think that's it?
  2. I let a chance at a 05 grey reissue get by and now I am kicking myself and it hurts!!! Next time I have a chance to buy one I will....dumb me!:hysteric:
  3. I just passed on a black metallic reissue......I already have 2 black flaps.
  4. GST, Black Baby Cabas... no regrets especially since I got the Expandable tote.
  5. the black metallic reissue. Had it in my hands but had to say no to another reissue. 2 is enough for me.
  6. i said no to the dark silver baby cabas...
  7. Baby Cabas. Actually bought one, had it in my closet for 7 months, didn't really love her so never used it, back to the store she went.
  8. bronze cotton club tote :sad: if anyone sees one, please PM me!
  9. black metallic reissue. 2 reissues are enough for me. :sad:
    also the expandable bag.
  10. Same here! I bought the khaki BC and it sat with the tag on for 5 months! Returned it to Nordstrom and a PF member promptly scooped it up.
  11. Cambon reporterbag and the luxe ligne bowler.
    I had both in my hand...but I never bought it...:cursing:

    ..thought I would get another chance to buy.....NOT!!
  12. So far, cabas, cambon ligne, all reissues (don't think I'm getting one anytime soon due to price increase), expandable totes..

    wow, that felt good!
  13. luxe bowler! If I knew then what I know know, huh?
  14. You are so lucky that you were still able to return it! I got mine from the boutique and only used it twice since December. I guess I am not super in love with it and I am not used to such a big bag. I probably will have to sell it.

    But I passed onto so many things, just this past weekend I turned down a dark silver reissue, metallic black reissue, red expandable flap and red expandable tote. I have also turned down a white med caviar classic flap. No regret though.
  15. None for me yet cos I'm still a 'greenhorn' here. And usually, I go into stores with 'targets', but sometimes they do change though, hehe ;)