What are some of the craziest/silliest beauty treatments you've ever considered?

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  1. Whilst curling my eyelashes this morning I had a thought pop into my head; maybe if I sprayed my eyelashes with hairspray afterwards it would help them stay curled. I thought, this is either the most genius idea I've ever had or the dumbest :roflmfao:

    Of course, I didn't actually try it, but it got me thinking about some of the crazy things we try for beauty. Like mum told me she used to iron her hair!:nuts: I have also made some absolutely gross home-made masks before that I used to smear on my skin in the hope of smaller pores...instead it just stank and looked gross. I've also tried rubbing chilli on my lips to make them bigger only to break out in a cold sore the next day :blush: Oh, oh, I also used to drench my hair in lemon juice and sit in the sun for hours as a teenager to try and get blonder hair. Instead I just ended up with a flood of freckles and hair that was ready to snap off!

    I could go on forever! But what I'd really love is to hear what crazy pursuits others have tried in attempts to be "bee-yood-e-full"! C'mon people, make me feel better about my duh moments :p
  2. I used to iron my hair too, scary to think about now.
  3. I have put mayo on my hair as a conditioner. This is the worst idea in history because not only does it stink like rotten eggs, it is extremely difficult to wash out.
  4. I thought the aspirin mask was pretty crazy.... but it works!!
  5. Speaking of using hairspray, many years ago while in our late teens, a friend of mine used to do her eye makeup and then close her eyes and spray aerosol hairspray over her eyes to 'set' her makeup.

    I can't think of anything off the wall that I have tried.
  6. Hee hee :roflmfao: I've tried the lemon in my hair to try and give it 'natural' hi-lights, I've also used beer, mayonnaise and egg as conditioners. The stoopidest thing I did was when I was 13, I thought if I trimmed my eyelashes they would grow longer - I did it twice! (And no, it didn't make them grow)
  7. Hehehee, I haven't tried anything over the top myself, but one of my younger cousins put maple syrup on her legs to remove the hair.. it doesn't make much sense but wax is actually called honey sometimes in Spanish, LOL!
  8. I used to iron my hair too when I was younger and wasn't allowed to buy a straightener. I had a sock on one hand and a heavy iron that dripped in the other...oh good times :lol:

    I've put egg whites on my face, mayo in my hair, lemon juice on my knees and elbows... I'm pretty much willing to try anything
  9. I cracked an egg, mixed it about in a bowl, and patted the stuff all over my face and let dry for a few minutes (or half an hour, don't remember). This was said to close pores.
  10. Egg yolk as a hair conditioner because lemon juice (for highlights) made my hair dry, then a bowl of carrots to make my eyes stronger and distract me from the fact that I'd gotten yolk in my eyes.

    Oh. And I space out and answer the door with green facemask on. All. The. Time. Maybe mortification helps tone facial muscles...? :sad:
  11. I'm ashamed to say I've done them all!! I still remember trying to rinse the mayo out of my hair....
    FYI: Asprin masks work is asprin is made from salicylic acid (the stuff in all the drugstore acne meds)
  12. Oh, and anyone remember "Sun-in"?
  13. ^^^ that stuff was hair damage in a bottle. I had ugly blotchy orange hair from that crap. Once, I got some on my arm and I got a chemical burn! I've had hair bleach/dye fall on my arm and nothing like that ever happened.
  14. I used cranberry juice for a whole summer to get red highlights - worked a little but, but really made my hair sticky and attracted bees!
  15. MAC has a spray type makeup setter like that now. I love it, and it's not sticky like hairspray. :yes: I only use it on eye makeup for special occasions though.

    I've heard that hemorrhoid cream works well on pimples, because it will reduce swelling. I've actually heard this from many reliable sources, but the thought of putting bum cream on your face makes me chuckle. :roflmfao: