What are some odd or strange things your co-workers do?

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  1. My co-worker always pins a little cat pin to her shoulder and talks to it, asking it to help her negotiate traffic, deal with various issues, etc.
  2. I have a coworker who plays the radio in her office and hums. She doesn't hum the tune playing on the radio.
  3. when i worked nights, my co-workers used to practice line dancing in the hallway around 5am.
  4. Years ago I worked with a woman who would pop popcorn in the microwave & then take it in bathroom stall & eat it. :yucky:
  5. the bathroom?! OMG, that's so nasty!!!!!! ew ew ew...
  6. A co-worker of mine went out to lunch one day when it was raining. Upon return, his socks were wet, so he decided to dry them.........in the office microwave.

    The microwave started to spark, and the darn socks never did dry. Needless to say, he's having a difficult time living that one down.
  7. hahahaha! oh wow! well, not co-workers of mine, but (I work in a large office building) other women on my floor, two specifically will go into the ladies bathroom and talk on the phone the entire time they are in there, and it is not number 1. so gross.
  8. hmm well I don't think I have anyone that odd at my work but a lot of the women are older and kind of grumpy so they walk around with scowls and are always miserable. I am lucky that I don't always have to deal with them but there are times when they get together and talk about their personal problems (not to gross anyone out but they talk about hemmroids...yeah at work...it is sooo gross!)

    I don't sit near a lot of them which is good but they will talk about it in the breakroom when they are eating. They are so weird!!
  9. My boss once took a cricket bat to a Celine Dion CD :lol:

  10. This is so gross -- I have seen people in my office building do this as well. What is wrong with them????
  11. We have a receptionist whose desk is sooo messy. It doesn't look good when employees come into our office to give him things and his desk is messy. The only time he cleans it is when he goes on vacation, then his desk is a mess again after he comes back from vacation.

    He also orders TONS of office supplies and hoards them in our back room. One time I asked him to order a ruler for me with the next order supply....... he said ok but about 5 minutes later, a ruler appeared on my chair! He knew he had rulers stocked up in the back room, but made it sound like he needed to order one for me. Instead of just saying "Oh, I think I may already have a ruler in the back room", he just says "Yes, I'll order one for you."

    Another time, he said that I told him that I didn't need a wall calendar for the next year. I told him I never said that because I always want a wall calendar but he insisted that I told him not to order one for me. I told him that I needed a calendar and that he needs to order one for me... he made a big deal about it and then 5 minutes later, a wall calendar appeared on my chair!!! He had extra calendars hiding in a slot near his desk that whole time but instead of just giving me a calendar, he made a fuss about me telling him that he didn't need to order one for me since I told him not to order it (so not true!) Anyways, he's just crazy when it comes to office supplies!!! I think he's addicted to office supplies!! :yes:
  12. OMG, that was HILARIOUS! :roflmfao:

    My co-workers are just weird overall. One is very nosy, and is always trying to find out details of my personal life... she has yet to succeed though... and today she felt the need to fondle my bag (I don't even talk to her!!!)... it was really creepy. She just came up to me, and started feeling up on it. :confused1:
  13. Ok, that is really bizarre. Nobody in my office is that weird.

    For now, my cubicle is in my bosses office and it's so funny, because whenever he's on the phone he is SO nice to people and as soon as he gets off he mutters the meanest, most sarcastic things about them under his breath. He is super friendly and patient IRL so I find it hilarious. I don't think he knows I can hear him...

    There is a volunteer who also shares our office once a week and he drives me insane. He keeps his candy in his coat pocket, which he hangs on a hook on the door, which is across the room, over by my desk. He literally gets up every minute or two to get a candy, which gets SO distracting after the first 50 times. Finally I asked him "Why don't you just take the bag over to your desk?!" He just looked at me like I was crazy :confused1:
  14. This thread is so funny!!!!

    My co-worker snores LOUD most of the day. But he is so cute. Okay it is my dog. I am in the only person in office 99% of the time.
  15. Someone who works in my building uses the toilet standing up.

    Oh, and yeah, it's a female employee!!! It's always unsettling to walk in there and see the feet facing the other direction.