What are some hot RED bags?

  1. I have an urge to get a red bag. I'm already considering a few styles by Onna Ehrlich but are there any others I should be aware of?

    To narrow it down, I'm not really into the orange-red tones, I tend to like deeper reds. But I'll consider anything!
  2. Balenciaga Rouge City bag.
  3. ^ Great colour and size but a little too distressed for my taste.

    That Botkier one is nice. There's a few other styles on the website that come in Cherry that are nice too.
  4. i love my coach ergo red patent leather hobo...
  5. I love the LV epi speedy in red!
  6. LV has some lovely styles in red epi. Are you looking for shoulder or handheld, what kind of function do you want it for?
  7. I've actually seen the Cynthia Rowley one before and am considering it. It's really cute!

    LV Red Epi is a good idea too! I just want it for fun. I use my black bags for everyday, I just want a red one to help "pop" some outfits, you know?
  8. I was going to say the Red Elisha LadyV. It's one of the most beautiful shades. Muted deep red that look like rose petals from afar. Gorgeous. I love the BE too.