What are some healthy staples I should have on my grocery list?

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  1. I'm not making as much weight-loss progress as I was planning on, and I'm going to get all hardcore about it now. :P I've cut out all sweets, and caloric drinks but I think my biggest problem is falling for convenience food during the day (hot pockets, etc.).

    What should I have on my grocery list? If you know of healthy recipes that would help too.
  2. Lots of fresh fruit so that you have something sweet to snack on if you get cravings during the day :flowers: and vegetables.
  3. What kinds of veggies?

    My standard list is: asst bell peppers, tomatoes, asst onions, salad packets (asst mixes), iceberg lettuce, potatoes, brocoli, celery, carrots... really basic stuff, but I know there are tons of veggies that I need to try out. I just don't know what to go for. :confused1:

    What does a standard 1200 calorie diet consist of? I don't know why I'm not losing any weight. I'm just maintaining... it's so frustrating.
  4. You probably should have some protein as well, chicken and yogurt are good and I heard having hard boiled eggs ready to go is good too.
  5. Hi, just some thoughts on veggies - try to stick with ones that aren't carb-y - for now I would limit carrots and potatoes. You might want to add in asparagus, broccolini, bok choy, etc. If you aren't making the progress you want, I would def. agree with you to try and avoid all processed food and caloric drinks - you want to eat your calories, not drink them. Depending on your height/weight/activity level - 1200 may not be enough calories for you - you want to eat enough to keep your metabolism chugging along and not enough food will actually slow your weight loss down. You also need to eat protein to keep you from losing muscle.

    Other thoughts would be to use a food diary and write down every morsel that's going in your mouth for a few days, and then use an online source to figure out your daily calorie avg. You could also get a food scale (it's an eye opener if you haven't used one before!) Sometimes there really are just one or two food habits that are derailing your efforts - good luck! :smile:
  6. Well, first off, unless youre like 5 ft, 1200 cals is too few. You need at least 1500.
    I like to get a big bag of chicken breasts and grill them up all at once. That way you have like 8 breasts to use for snacks or to add for salads or other dishes. Also, nuts are good for snacking. Get 4 cans of tuna and make tuna salad with plain yogurt and some fat free mayo. Add pecans and dried cranberries for flavor. Light salt/pepper and spicy mustard to round it out. Make a big ole batch, then when you're hungry, just spoon up some on some whole wheat bread. Good to go!
  7. If you're a quantity eater, I would get some kettle corn. You can eat quite a bit of it for relatively few calories.

    Also, I like to keep shrimp around. A cup of shrimp has around 70 calories, and you can put a little bit of lemon juice on it, and it's a good, yummy snack.

    I also agree with all the chicken ^__^
  8. almonds - keep them refrigerated
    popcorn - fat free low salt
    yogurt - check to make sure it's not full of sugar
    string cheese

    Disney brand now has sugar free packets to add to milk, they come in vanilla, choco and strawberry.
    The vanilla is so good I swear it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. Add it to skim milk and it's a fat free/sugar free treat :biggrin:
    my little boy twins ask for "davilla milk" all day it's so yummy.
  9. I am striving for a somewhat Raw food diet, but it varies between Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten/dairy free...so here are a few things I keep handy...

    jalapeno chilies

    sunflower seeds
    flax seeds
    sesame seeds
    hemp seed nut
    pumpkin seeds
    pine nuts

    celtic sea salt
    nama shoyu (raw soy sauce)
    OR...liquid aminos
    extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
    minced garlic in a jar
    flax seed powder
    soy milk
    baby (organic) carrots
    lots of water

    sorry if that was long...that's just a glimpse of a few things I'm trying to keep stocked!
  10. I'm a little over 5ft (5' 1") a nutritionist friend said that 1200 would be good for me. I just don't know if I have the willpower for it. It seems so little. :sad:

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'm pasting all of them onto a word doc so I have a list ready to go for tomorrow.

    I'm not sure all of it will be readily available (Celtic sea salt, bok choy) but there are so many great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of myself... thanks!
  11. I started a food diary last week, and I noticed that I was getting extra calories from sweets and drinks, so it was a great way to analyze the obvious spots where I was going wrong. I'd recommend it to everyone. :smile:

    I definitely need to look into getting a food scale. I hope they have one at our local store.
  12. Try romaine and spinach instead, iceberg has a low nutrient level.

    I like cucumbers and I hear they are good for the skin.

    Hummus is also a good choice for a health snack. And you can put peppers in it or spices. I agree with the suggestion about hard boiled eggs- they are easy to make and high in protein for the morning kick and keep for 4-5 days. I also am into this bagged thing at Costco- Its five types of nuts and tons of dehydrated fruit. I also agree, cut out the potatoes at first. Yogurt and granola is a good on the go snack too. Even just granola- like bear-naked or the by the lb stuff in whole foods, make sure there is no high-fructose corn syrup in it. Flax seed is also good, you can put it on top of cereal (cheerios) in the morning or select a cereal with flax in it. Try tuna for protein, I feel that the tuna in water is better than the tuna in oil. Chicken stir-fry can be a good meal too, even with brown rice. If you dont think you are getting the right amount of fruit, you can try Naked juices. The one I have right now even has flax in it. Good for lunch, IMO. Fruits are good too, pears, apples, bananas- fiber, protein and potassium.

    To your list definitely add some fruit, add cucumbers and spinach/romaine to the veggies, eggs, flax, tuna and chicken.

    PS Processed food is the devil. I gained like 10 lbs from eating Lean Cuisine! :crybaby:
  13. Does this keep them fresh? Or just make them taste better?
  14. My stepmother (a chef) says to store nuts in the freezer, although fridge is probably OK too. She said it keeps the oil in nuts from going rancid so they stay good longer.

    To the OP, whoever suggested hummus is right on. I find that hummus with some bell pepper sticks or carrot sticks makes the veggies much more satisfying.
    My advice would be to avoid processed foods, and look for food that will fill you up and is nutritious. I often find that fruit is not filling for me- I eat an apple, and I'm hungry again an hour later. To solve that problem, I'll have it with some cheese (not Kraft- get the good stuff. I like a nice French brie, personally), or peanut butter (avoid the name brands as they contain a lot of sugar. If you live near a Whole Foods or other natural food store, you should be able to find pure peanut butter that does not have these additives. WF even lets you grind it fresh and choose from almond, cashew, or peanut. Yum!), or another filling dip, like hummus.

    I also like to keep edamame (soy beans) around for snacking. Most markets near me sell them frozen in bags, get the ones in their pods. These can be microwaved easily and make a nice snack, too.
  15. Edamame
    Hard boiled eggs (toss 1/2 of the yolk).
    Steamed broccoli... warm or cold
    wheat berries (n many ways to use these... see my blog for few recipes.)
    Sub Quinoa for rice or cous cous