What are some good Yoga DVDs?

  1. Hi all!
    Summer is here and I have had a very stressful winter and spring. Long story short, I have gained some weight and need to lose about 20-25 lbs.
    Anyway, I've seen info-mercials for Yoga Booty Ballet and Slim in 6.
    Both programs look good, and I've researched both on Amazon.com, but still can't decide which to invest in.
    I can't afford both.
    Any TPF'ers here who have used either one?
    Or are there other exercise DVD's you'd recommend instead?
  2. Yoga Booty is way more fun, and I liked how it shaped my body better. However, you have to love to dance and be capable of following the steps,which can get complicated. My sister-in-law hated it when she borrowed it from me, because she is not a dancer, she said. I felt like the Slim In Six worked, but bulked me up a bit more than YBB. I plan on using YBB after my pregnancy to get bac into shape.Hope that helps!
  3. I really want to take a Yoga class at the gym but it's been years since I took a Yoga class at a studio. I really don't want to embarrass myself by going into a class and not being able to remember anything I previously learned.

    Will someone please recommend a good DVD for me? I looked at some but I couldn't tell the good from the bad. Thank you!!
  4. ^Perfect! Thanks so much - I just ordered it. :yes:
  5. I'll tell you one DEFINITLEY not to get!

    It's called Basic Yoga and I bought it at Best Buy for $6.99 (which should of been a clear warning sign since it is very rare to find a good workout DVD for under $10) and I thought it was going to be all peachy and everything..

    Well so I get home and I pop it into my DVD player and I get all excited since I'm thinking to myself "This is going to be so much fun and relaxing!" and then the DVD starts..................................................................................

    I swear I had stepped into the Twilight Zone. The set was terrible - it looked like a run down room. The main yoga instructor had the voice of a phone sex operator. The girl to her left looked like her bones were snap if she made any sudden movements she was so thin and she obviously had no idea how to do yoga. The lady on the right was uhmm well let's just say that she should not of been allowed to wear the cropped tank top she was wearing.

    All in all.......this was one freaky yoga video! Even the music was weird!
  6. I'd like opinions on the best yoga dvd you've tried. Something that targets and tones the entire body, especially butt and abs. I've tried Sara Ivanhoe's crunch yoga, it's too easy for me. I'd like an hour long good workout... one that makes you sweat a lot!
  7. I tend to stick to titles by Gaiam--esp ones with Rodney Yee. I do their power and flexibility ones and I do feel as if I'm really getting a great ab workout with the power one. Also, Rodney Yee does one specifically called "Abs Yoga" to really concentrate on that area.
  8. I agree with alexis77-- Rodney Yee rocks!
    Definitely try the Gaiam dvd's-- just make sure to do an advanced workout and you will feel the burn.
    I also love the Ali McGraw dvd. It's so relaxing and yet you learn some of the basic techniques. It's about 45-50 minutes and so you feel like you've moved a bit.
  9. Avoid the cheap ones LOL! I bought one just because I saw it sitting on the shelf at Best Buy and when I put it in my DVD player and started the work out, I felt like I had slipped into the Twilight Zone! :weird:
  10. As a self-subscribed yoga head i wouldnt even recommend yoga for what you are looking for. Try a video (lol...yes i still call them videos) from Yoga Fusion, they combine yoga/pilates/dance to give you a full body tone. They also come in different levels so you can get the challenge you need. :yes:
  11. Hi All!

    I recently attended training for work at a conference center and they had YOGA as one of the evening activities. I tried it and LOVE IT! So now I need help... what are some good yoga DVDs???
  12. My husband uses Yoga Zone. They are 40 bucks for 3 DVDs with 6 sessions. He does them 5 days a week and loves it.
  13. Thanks Lady Blackney!!!

    Any others out there with suggestions?