what are some bags with COMFY handles/ shoulder straps?

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  1. [​IMG]
    im not sure if i love the look, but this kooba looks awfully squishy and comfy!!
    im looking for something with similar wide, soft straps. i hate rolled straps!
  2. MbyMJ's totally turnlock line has really comfortable handles
  3. All the Bottega Venetas handbags that I've ever tried/owned (i.e. ball bag; Veneta; small deerskin hobo) have had comfortable shoulder straps. They're so comfortable that carrying the same amount of stuff that I carry in my BVs will hurt my shoulder when the exact same items are in another bag. I partially attribute this to BV's lightweightness, but I also think that there are subtle design attributes to BV's handles that make them more comfortable. :yes:
  4. My Luba J bags have super comfortable padded shoulder straps.
  5. coach ergo hobo. my mom and i swear this is the most comfortable bag, the shoulder strap never, ever falls down. to think i got this bag for 170 at a marshalls 7 years ago blows my mind. i have a lot of bags, but this bags is especially well designed.
  6. How funny! I have a coach hobo from about 10 years ago that is the most comfortabl bag ever. Fits like a glove. I have never found a purse that stays on the shoulder like this one. I tried to use it again a couple of month ago and my husband said it looked like it had been thru war. The color that is. the bag is still in great shape.
  7. The straps Ive seen on Linea Pelle bags aren't very wide but they are super soft and comfortable.
  8. the old navy handbag that i have (real leather) it's so comfy plus the leather's buttery-soft and smells good too
  9. I second the MbMJ turnlock line. I have the Totally Turnlock Teri and the straps are very cushiony and comfortable. No digging at all!
  10. This is my most comfortable purse. The shoulder strap is soft and curves nicely. AND, it stays on my shoulder.

    The bag is a SHIH.

  11. It was my Banana Republic leather bag. It stayed on my shoulder. Had to toss it because I wore it out.