What are reputation points?

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  1. I just noticed that we are collecting them..how do you get them..what are they for?
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  2. Oh ok, good I thought I was either seeing things or IE was stuffed up for me all this time (now using Firefox). I just posted about it on the site feedback. I think you click on the scales to award someone rep points.
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  3. Great idea :biggrin:!
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  4. why?
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  5. Clinken, I'm going to give you an "I approve." Tell me what it does!
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  6. on other boards i've been on, you get more/different colored green squares under your name. i think it's like five clicks and you get another square or something. it just lets people know that other people think they are helpful/have good advice.
  7. Reputation can be given to posters who contribute something of value to the community. Similarly, negative rep can be given to a member if you don't like how he/she behaved. The member doesn't know who the reputation comes from, so it's anonymous (unless you sign, of course).

    Just a fun feature that I enabled, I figured it would keep you guys occupied. :lol: ;)
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  8. I can see this being abused...
  9. How is that? You can't bomb someone with rep, there are limits set.
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  10. haha I've been running around giving everyone points... it HAS kept me occupied, you're right, Vlad!
  11. I'm not sure if I like the idea myself ! It might cause some members to become paranoid.
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  12. 1. You can only give a certain amout of reputation each day.
    2. You must give X amount of rep to other posters before you can hit the same person again.
    3. You must have a certain amount of posts for your hit to count.
  13. *positive* to Vlad for the idea!!
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  14. Good rules!

    I like this.
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  15. Obviously, if our members will speak out against it, I can turn it off with one click of a button. I know that tFS uses the rep system and have been for a long time, I don't think that it's caused issues over there.
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