What are people wearing in Seattle now?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am going to Seattle, WA for a week. 4-day conference, and then staying the weekend to do some traveling. So I am packing both work and casual outfits.

    Looking at the temperture, it is pretty cool. Just wondering what are people wearing now? The conference is close by the hotel I am staying, will it be too cold to wear a skirt suit to walk 1 block? Do I need pack my Ugg boots for walking around on the weekend?

    TIA. Trying to not pack too much, but pack the right things.:wlae:
  2. Hi vivid! When exactly are you coming out of curiosity? This week, for example it is highs in 50s/maybe lower 60s and lows in the mid 40s. this week (week of the 22nd) should be fairly dry but that means there is a sprinkle or too very likely. It is breezy, leaves are turning and gorgeous colors and leaves are falling too. Whatever you decide to pack, be ready for rain. Around here we NEVER let the weather stop us from having a good time!

    You can't go wrong for your work conference with wool slacks or skirts, light sweater or blouse and sweater vest and a trench coat with a small umbrella in a tote bag just in case. We have a damp cold here, as opposed to places with a drier cold, so some people may want a heavier sweater or jacket depending on what you're used to.

    For weekend stuff, depending on what you're doing (indoors or out):
    boots or Uggs
    light sweaters or turtlenecks
    polar fleece (if you are outside and it gets chilly)

    Are you going to be in downtown Seattle? Seattle is pretty hilly (not as much as SFO however) so be ready for a lot of walking, puddles and slippery leaves :smile:.

    Please PM me if you want more info and WELCOME!!
  3. Thanks so much Pursegrrl. You gave me a super overall idea.

    Yes, I will be there the week of 10/22. I am packing the boots ;)

    You are wonderful!
  4. ^^ my pleasure! This week should *hopefully* be a little drier than normal for this time of year but again, be ready for unpredictable weather. check out king5.com, as that is a good local station for weather updates, etc.