What are people currently wearing in Milan?

  1. Wondering what types of clothes people are currently wearing in Milan. For day? For night (to places like Armani Prive)?

    What are the popular designers for spring 2008? What clothes are selling out in stores?

    Basically, wondering if there are any big shifts, fashion-wise. Looking for some sort of direction for my upcoming trip.

  2. No clue, sonya, you're our fashion expert... but I just wanted to wish you a fun trip. I am not psyched to go anywhere anymore for some reason, despite the fact that my screen name is IntlSet! Oh well, I can live vicariously through you.

    If you're a member of The Fashion Spot, you should check out the thread about what people are wearing on the street... they're organized by city and Milian is one of them.
  3. Elegant exuberant, leading legs, arty prints, colors of passion, world influences, neo romantic & light and easy as per http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/mag/fashion/d2459.html

    Themes will usually cross-over be it from NY, Paris or Milan etc.
    More sites for inspiration:

    I usually go with my rule of thumb websites that many designers use to spot trends ahead of the present year (we try to have a time-line for 1-2 years ahead also... helps to have a focus on the themes and colors).


    I have been using these sites religiously.

  4. Thanks!

    Great resources. I was going through the old shows, looking at the backstage/front row pics, but it was getting a bit tedious and, besides, fashion changes.

    I kind of know what people wear, but I don't like that much black (though I do default to black sometimes). There are nuances to what people wear during fashion week for New York vs. Milan vs. Paris (vs. London), I am more concerned with that.

  5. Thanks, IntlSet! :flowers: Not an expert by any means! Yes, it's for fashion week, my first time there, so I am a bit cautious. Not sure why. I used to jump into New York fashion week wearing whatever I felt like, with no qualms!

    Totally forgot about tFS, will check that out. :smile:


  6. You are more than welcome.