What are other payment options for buyers??

  1. and what are the downsides to it for you as a seller?? (after reading all the horrible paypal stories I've decided not to go thourgh paypal!!)

  2. You guys know my PayPal story. I have already sold off most of the Chloe bags I had (only one left) and then I have some odds & ends to throw on, but its good ol' Money Orders and personal checks (In 7 years I have never had a bounced check and I NEVER ship until it clears). I remember before PayPal going to the PO all the time for Money Orders to pay for ebay items. Thats back when selling and buying on ebay was fun...its no longer fun.
  3. Im trying to sell y bag and I ITS *F******* so complicated...it wont let me change my paypals adress ...@$*#&$*(#&*(%.....its taken me 2 hours and i am still no where near posting it!!!!!!
  4. Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time getting your listing done! I'm guessing that if you want to make changes in your paypal and/or ebay account information, it's best to do those things first, and once you're done making changes, only then work on the listing. I use turbolister and upload my listings from my computer, so I'm not any good with advice about filling out the online sell your item forms, sorry.

    Thus far I've been lucky and have had no problems with Paypal, but I think I'm in the minority.

    I accept money orders (preferable postal) and personal checks. I don't ship until they've cleared or I have the money order cash in hand. I've never had a personal check bounce. I also take bank wire transfers from customers outside the USA, and for really large transaction would actually require that. I used to accept BidPay, which was great for sellers because the buyer paid the fees, but BidPay closed last winter. Now they've reopened, but changed it so that the seller pays the fees, just like paypal. I joined moneybookers.com and offer that as an option to non-USA customers who don't like paypal. I don't accept cashier's checks because there's a big counterfeiting problem with them nowadays, and banks can't tell the difference between a real one and a good fake. If someone sent me cash I'd take it, but I think that's a pretty stupid thing for a buyer to do. However, I know that although you can't list cash as a payment method in an ebay listing, lots of people send it.
  5. THanks everyone....I've finish my listing but now i can't find it on ebay.com or ebay.ca...? #($*#)(%* ahhhhhh....