What Are Neiman Marcus Program Points?

  1. My husband was paying my Neiman bill last night when he noiticed that I have a pile of program points (also call In Circle points) that are expiring soon. To be honest, I have no clue how to redeem them nor what they're worth. Can anyone clarify for me please?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It's pretty easy. Just go to www.incircle.com, log in or register, see how many points you have, pick a gift that correlates to the number of points you have and follow directions to redeem the points.
  3. The incircle points can be redeemed in levels of 5000,10000,15000 and on .
    look online at the bottom of the website sign upfor incircle create a password. from there you can redeem points .I used my points for a 150.00 Spa treatment from spa finders for example. Check it out if you have a lot of points you can get some nice things. Also there is a number for incircle on th website you can call and they will answer your questions
  4. Thanks, ladies!
  5. redeem last years' immediately!!
  6. I have been trying to figure out what InCircle Points are recently, so this is very helpful. Thanks for asking the question in the first place!
  7. Same here...thanks!
  8. Do you get 1 point for every dollar you spend?
  9. ^pretty much
    Go to neimanmarcus.com and sign your account up there. There you can set up your InCircle online account and you can watch your points and redeem points as well. I check in about every month there, especially after Double Points or bonus point events to make sure they credit me. I caught them forgetting to credit my 1000 extra points and double points in December. They added them this week and I redeemed mine for a $250 GC last night :biggrin:
    I also pay my bill online now:tup:
  10. Sigh - stuck with about 1000 points from last year.......
  11. some of them roll over:yes:
  12. Cool! Thanks! It still shows them as 2007 points, but hopefully they'll rollover!
  13. I think maybe a 1/3 of them will? Something like that:yes:
  14. The points earned in 2007 must be redeemed by the end of February and I thought that you could roll over 1/2 of your points. Check with Incircle - the contact number is at www.incircle.com.