What are my risk? Please help!

  1. The bidder won my auction has an unconfirmed paypal address and is also unverified by paypal. What are my risks? It is a expensive item. I don't know if I should sent the item. please help! THanks!
  2. Do NOT send to an unverified address! You have NO protection if the buyer wants to give you trouble.

  3. Thanks for the reply! I sent him an email asking him to have the address confirmed. If he doesn't, can I cancel the bid and refund his $ since I did mention in the listing "I will only shipped to confirmed address". Will eBay let me cancel this transaction. What should I do?

    Thank you in advance!
  4. You can not go through with the transaction. You might get a non performing seller complaint filed against you. If you ship to an unconfirmed address you have zero seller protection.
  5. Hi You can file with eBay to get your final value fees back- I just did the same thing with an item that was won by someone with an unconfirmed paypal address-you can file to mutually agree not to complete the transaction.
  6. However, the buyer has to agree to a mutual withdrawal. And they may not if they are angry that you won't ship to them.
  7. BTW, even if the buyer does confirm his address, I believe you would need to refund his money and have him repay once the address has been confirmed. They payment's status won't change for you just because he later confirmed his address.

  8. This is true! You will need to refund the money and then see if they pay you with a "confirmed" address.

    Only the UK, Canada, and the US can get "confirmed" addresses. However, all countries allow for verified members. So, you must consider these facts when contemplating whether to do business with this person.
  9. Thank you all for your help! Since I put the confirmed address requirement on my listing, will ebay side with me if i cancel the transaction? If I refund him, will I get the paypal fee back as well? Thank you!
  10. You will get the paypal fee back, as long as you click the 'refund' button (DON'T send money outside of the original transaction).

    While Ebay may give you a 'slap on the wrist' if he files a Non performing Seller complaint, you can put your side to them, and anyway a slap on the wrist is preferable to losing your item and the money!
  11. I did have a confirmed address payment come through from Denmark the other day....so slowly but surely...
  12. You might want to be careful of the unverified part too. This means the person is using only a credit card on their PayPal account. Some people don't like to have their checking account attached to PayPal, which is understandable, but you want to be more careful with these types of payments because this is where someone could potentially be using stolen credit cards or stolen PayPal accounts.
  13. Tell him that you cannot accept the paypal, but would be willing to wait the extra few days for him to send you a postal money order for the item. If he doesnt squalk then he may be on the up and up. But I agree with everyone DO NOT send your item.

    Good Luck!
  14. Yes, don't ship it!!! We'v the similiar problem, I refund her immediately but she looks mad and kept asking for the item unfortunately, she can't speak English & I can't speak Italy BUT eBay said I've to sell to her otherwise she can report me as non selling seller and I'll get - feedback BUT I prefer it than lost my $$$$ & item
  15. I stated in the listing "I only ship to confirmed paypal address". Can the buyer report me as non-selling seller? Can I still get the final value fee back? Thanks!