What are my chances?

  1. what are my chances of finding a black kelly in the nyc or paris store? Are kellys easier to purchase than birkins?
  2. Hi Cami......we'll Kelly's are easier to come by than Birkins in the United States. It does seem like the Paris store gets a lot of bags in general....I'd say you'd have a better chance of finding a Birkin in Paris than NYC.
  3. I've seen Black Kelly bags on the shelves of NYC. You just have to walk in at the right time. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask them in the store.
  4. I saw some Kelly's at Bellagio (las vegas) during the weekend but no birkin, it was sold within the minute they took it out....
  5. Thanks for all of your replys. I really want a kelly :nuts: ( so classy and elegant) but the whole process seems to be imtimidating
  6. You shouldn't have any problems getting a black Kelly.