What are "licensed" Balenciaga bags?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I live in Spain where the department store El Corte Ingles sells Balenciaga bags for around 200-400 euros. After reading these message boards I was unsure, because of the low price, about whether these bags were fakes, even though the store employees assured me they were authentic. I emailed Balenciaga, and they responded that the products El Corte Ingles sells are "licensed" products, not designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, explaining the low price. What does this mean? The bags are quite attractive, but I have never heard of "licensed" products before. Are they still considered Balenciaga? Can you help clear this up for me? Thanks much.
  2. ^ I think it means another company has bought the rights to use the Balenciaga name, but they aren't affiliated with the regular Balenciaga.
  3. Licensing means you're allowing someone else to use your name on products. The licensee still has to comply with certain requirements and standards, but it varies quite a bit how much control the licensor (Balenciaga, in this instance) exercises over what the licensee does or over the products themselves. In this case, Balenciaga will get a license fee or a cut of the sales revenues from the licensed products.