What are "licensed" Balenciaga bags?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I live in Spain where the department store El Corte Ingles sells Balenciaga bags for around 200-400 euros. After reading these message boards I was unsure, because of the low price, about whether these bags were fakes, even though the store employees assured me they were authentic. I emailed Balenciaga, and they responded that the products El Corte Ingles sells are "licensed" products, not designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, explaining the low price. What does this mean? The bags are quite attractive, but I have never heard of "licensed" products before. Are they still considered Balenciaga? Can you help clear this up for me? Thanks much.
  2. ^ I think it means another company has bought the rights to use the Balenciaga name, but they aren't affiliated with the regular Balenciaga.
  3. Licensing means you're allowing someone else to use your name on products. The licensee still has to comply with certain requirements and standards, but it varies quite a bit how much control the licensor (Balenciaga, in this instance) exercises over what the licensee does or over the products themselves. In this case, Balenciaga will get a license fee or a cut of the sales revenues from the licensed products.
  4. Hi, these are original Balenciaga bags that were very popular in the 90s and were sold in Corte Inglés, remember that Cristóbal Balenciaga sold the licenses of his maison in the 60s and the house disappeared. The only thing is that they do not have the authorisation to sell Ghesquiere designs, but they are allowed to use Balenciaga name and logo. You could say that Balenciaga itself “divided” into many companies with the right to use its name when Cristóbal himself ended the activity of his maison. Then in 2001, Balenciaga was sold to Kering (Gucci) and it was a new chapter in the brand’s history. The problem is that Balenciaga kinda “disappeared” when Cristóbal ended his fashion career. But in another words, yes, they are 100 % original Balenciaga. They are interesting pieces of good quality that reflect a bit of this grand maison history.
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  6. :huh:
    By the way, is still El Corte Inglés selling old generation Bal bags? Really?. Should go and take a look, thought they didn’t sell them anymore for many, many years ago..:huh:
  7. Dear, you are responding to a post from 2006, it's 13 years old, i don't think this info is valid and relevant any more :smile:
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    Ups!! Didn’t notice, sorry!:sick::lol:
    Anyway, I’m still intrigued. El Corte Inglés used to sell licensed Bals almost 35 years ago, but in 2006?!. I’m wondering which kind they were.
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  9. did you try to google?
  10. No, they don’t sell those Balenciaga bags anymore. That’s why they are so unique, they reflect a period of the brand before Ghesquière, when the brand was having serious problems.
  11. Yup, I know for sure, I’m from Barcelona, Spain ;)
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