What are KEY staple Burberry pieces every girl should have?

  1. I have a quilted jacket and had a scarf that I accidentally donated to Salvation Army! :tdown: I would probably also add a trench coat to that but I already own a gorgeous one from Coach. Currently trying to decide how I want to replace my previous scarf.
  2. I think a Burberry headband. It's practical & get's the point across. I finally found one & bought it! I am so anxious to get it!
  3. burberry scarf!
  4. I have a quilted jacket and cashmere scarf that I love. I just bought a classic trench because I thought it was a staple. For some reason, I'm not impressed with it. It doesn't give me that wow factor I was hoping for. Honestly, I don't think it's worth the money and don't see the look of it being THAT much better than a lower designer(like banana rep). I thought I was going to love it but when it arrived to my house I was just disappointed. Has anyone else gotten this feeling?
  5. I have my duffle coat but kind of want a trench. I am also tempted by the ultra-soft cashmere scarves, but they are pricey ($500+).
  6. A Classic check bag or one from the Prorsum collection, a wallet, a scarf definitely, and no doubt Burberry's iconic trench coat!
  7. question...for those of you who have the classic brit quilted jacket, how is it holding up? How long have you had it and how often do you use it? Any special maintenance/care tips?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. I have a couple as do my mother and sister and we've all had no issues. My oldest one I've had for about 4 years and I've had no issues with it. I use mine fairly often and I've worn it countless times in the rain. It's a casual jacket for me so I don't take special care of it or keep it in a garment bag like I keep my lighter colored and more expensive jackets.
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    I tried different brands of trenches (and the Banana Republic ones too), and the Burberry trench was an expensive item that I thought was worth the money. But I did find that the same stye trench fit differently depending on the color and the particular trench that I tried - weird, but that was my experience. Nevertheless, I did think the one that fit me perfectly had a wow factor as compared to other trench coats - the tailoring and detail is just the best IMO.
    I'm curious which trench color and style did you buy, and why you don't like it that much?
  10. Yes, I agree with Jess.

    ehy - You should return the trench you're not happy with. Keep looking and I'm sure you'll eventually find the one which looks perfect on you.

    As with Jess, in my experience when you find the right Burberry, you'll want to wear it always and it will make you feel like a million dollars. Don't settle for anything less.
  11. When I tried it on in store, it was nice. But, when I actually took it home, it just wasn't the same. I felt like it wasn't very tailored. I got the Buckingham trench in Honey. I also thought the material was a little on the thinner side. Overall, the fit wasn't perfect so I took it back. I did get it for a good deal- around $930 on sale (originally $1295)- too bad I wasn't happy with it because I really wanted to love it. I know the trenches all fit a littler different so I'll keep searching.
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    These do elevate my wardrobe... The clutch came with a tote bag n the boots I searched for 4ever, finally found them at an out for around $400 down from $1400.



    Can't forget my fave bathing suit. Oh and the watch ;)
  13. This is the trench that I tried - black but the longer version just above the knees (It's called the "Manston" but with the wider cuffs).
    You could always have the trench tailored, but I just prefer to have it fit perfectly off the rack.
    If you are still interested in a trench, don't give up - I think they are really worth it!
  14. Scarf
    Rain boots
  15. Of course the scarf. Every girl should have one!! :smile: