What are KEY staple Burberry pieces every girl should have?

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  1. That's beautiful. I have this similar watch in the S/s but would love to find it in yg plated. Hopefully they may have it in their outlets when I'm on holidays in USA.
  2. Is that shawl in the bag a trench color or the classic tan color?
  3. I love Burberry's scarves (silk, cashmere, linen, cotton, etc...love them all) & trench coat...not so much a fan of their bags or watches or anything else.
  4. Love the Bag....
  5. This watch definitely looks great on you! I am considering getting one as well :smile: How easy do you find this watch to match with your outfit in general? I haven't seen it in person yet, and what color is the dial exactly? Seems like a dark gray or brown? Thanks!!
  6. Trenchcoat, Wool scarf and Rainboots
  7. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trench coat!:loveeyes: You look fabulous! What is the style number of the coat? If you don't mind my asking.
  8. Love the trench coat! U look fab!
  9. My first Burberry is a long wallet. Got it at Neumann Marcus for about 200! Half off deal like this is like once in a life time I guess...
  10. burberry watch
  11. Trench, quilted jacket, cashmere scarf, light weight scarf, leather bag
  12. That coat looks gorgeous on you! Great choice!
  13. There are 2 items that I would place as my "must have" Burberry items and they are:

    1. Burberry Trench
    2. Checkered scarf (silk,cashmere)

    An additional fun item would be their umbrella. It's completely unnecessary and not a "must have" but it would sure brighten up a rainy day.
  14. Is the duffle coat with toggles a worthwhile investment? I just moved to a place with deathly cold winters so I'm not sure if I would get enough use out of a coat this expensive.
  15. You are so right about the umbrella. I have one of their checkered umbrellas and it is amazing and very well-made. While there are definitely less expensive umbrellas, I love my Burberry one and would highly recommend it although it's not a must-have.