What are/is your hobbie(s)?

  1. I moved to the mainland to live with my boyfriend (he's pursuing a career in film) a couple years ago and being away from all my family and friends I have more free time on my hands than I'd like. Ironically I don't have any hobbie's...is that weird? So I'd just like to know what you all do on your spare time or call hobbies...well, other than tPF!:P
  2. I love golf! Although I don't get a chance to play as often as I would like since we had our second child.
  3. during spring/summer: dragon boat racing, outrigging and some gym
    during autumm/winter: football (soccer), volleyball, gym

    all year round: motorbike rides, shopping, surfing the internet (specially fashion forums like TPF), hanging out with friends :smile:
  4. I have been trying to sew lately...and I am learning so much...its awesome..
  5. i like to knit, crocheted, read books, paint & watching movies.
  6. I read, watch too many DVDs, and surf online.

    Shopping's always good too! :yes:
  7. ....singing.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Singing is my 1st and best hobbie. then comes swimming :smile: .
  9. I like playing the piano, singing, painting, sketching, sewing cross stitch, watching dvds, cooking, baking, reading, writing....=)
  10. Reading, swimming, drawing / painting
  11. sudoku, reading, volleyball, running, drawing, and i love reading history books. and of course i spend hours everyday dancing and singing in the house :biggrin:
  12. Aw ladies thanks for sharing...I really need to get off my behind and find myself a hobby huh? I thinik I may try sewing or doing something creative...I would love to do more thing outdoors too.

    I realize that back home my family really was my hobby and everything else just kind of fell into place. Now that I have all this time on my hands it's really making me focus on myself. Which is a good thing but can be somewhat of an eye opener.
  13. i read, sing and shop a lot :lol:
  14. I watch korean tv series, American tv series ( LOST, Desperate HOusewives, The Apprentice, Project Runway, Top Chef)

    I also like reading romantic novels by Judith Mcnaught and Linda Howard.

    I love reading scifiction fantasy novels by Margaret Weis.:cutesy:
  15. Shopping is definitely one of my fav hobbies, but being that my bank account is not an endless abyss, I probably need find other activities...but it is so damn fun! :graucho:
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