What are Gucci Care Cards Supposed to Look Like?

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  1. Hi I am wondering where the location of Gucci should be on the care card. Should it be on the bottom or can it be like in the picture below. Is it possible that both styles would be legit?

    The reason I am asking because I am interested in a hobo bag and posted it in the authenticity thread but the only person that responded said that she thought it was a fake because of the care card. This bag has all the hardware engraved Gucci like in the pics I have attached and has a serial number.

    So what exactly is the care card supposed to look like? If someone could post pics, so I can see the difference. I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have posted pics of the bag and the zippers and the care card, so someone can tell me if care card is off.


    care card.jpg zipper.jpg zipper 2.jpg Tag.jpg bag.jpg
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