What are good charm options for the Pochette Metis Empreinte in Noir?

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  1. Hi all!

    I am looking for a nice LV charm for my Pochette Metis. Was thinking of something gold to bring more color to it, but I am interested in hearing advice and seeing any pictures of charms or accessories you use to complement it.

  2. Charms don’t really work on the pochette metis IMO.
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  3. I like this one!
    I’ve also wrapped my handle in a bandeau (see below). I think that’s how many folks have added pops of color to their PMs
    IMG_2216.JPG IMG_2210.JPG
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  4. That is not a good idea. Empreinte leather is very delicate, you can ruin your bag with the bag charm...please reconsider.
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  5. I was thinking of putting one on the side, where the bandouliere clips. Do you think that can damage the bag?
  6. Honestly, yes. Even the clips of the bandouliere strap sometimes rub over the leather on the sides and create a damage. Putting more hardware on the hooks won't make it better, even worse. The best way how to decorate your lovely PM is a bandeau, trust me.
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  7. I’m glad you said this. I just bought this purse myself but never thought of how delicate the leather could possibly be with that extra hardware rubbing against it. Any other things I should know? All the videos I’ve watched on the bag have stated that the leather is pretty tough but if there’s anything I should know to avoid as much wear and tear as possible please share!
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    I do not have any extra tricks, just follow the general LV instructions for this type of leather (stated in the small booklet enclosed with your bag). No rubbing over abrasive surfaces, heat (radiators), locking her in a car during summer, water, fluids in general. Honestly, you cannot do almost anything with the bag, if you really think about these, haha! No, life is life and things happen, so just be aware of these and enjoy your bag. Empreinte leather will settle down over time (less stiff), but will remain still very beautiful.
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  9. Awesome and thank you. I should spend some time reading that booklet that came with it. I had the reverse monogram canvas PM for a hot minute but it came flawed so I purchased the empreinte instead. I’ve heard the canvas is more durable...? So I should take greater caution with an all leather bag.
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  10. I have the PM in Noir, I guess I've had it about 2 years? Not sure. Maybe less. I use this charm on it and I don't find that the leather has been damaged at all, nor my glazing. I've actually never heard the Emp leather was delicate, either. This is an old charm, I believe called "Love Letters". I like that the charm is not long enough to hit a any surface I put my bag on, and also the charm has a lot of meaning for me. IMG_0412.jpg IMG_0413.jpg IMG_0414.jpg
  11. I LOVE this charm! So pretty! Looks great! Any advice on keeping the purse in good shape?
  12. Thanks-same as 99% of my bags, I don't put them on the floor, but that's about it. The other 1% are travel bags and I do put them on the floor on the plane. I've had 2 canvas pochette metis bags that were defective, but the leather bags seem to do much better. I really enjoy this bag!
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  13. This is what I am talking about. Corners & sides where the leather is most stretched are the most sensitive areas. (The leather is rubbed off.)

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  14. I like a little bandeau or Hermes twilly on the handle. Since your bag is empreinte noir, I'd stick with brown, gold, black color scheme. To add a little bit of fun, but otherwise maintain the beauty of the black leather. Something like these.

    louis-vuitton--M73648_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton--M76199_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton--M78655_PM2_Front view.jpg 3d4d1cfe5cdfa3350d69dd205d5f23f7.jpg
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  15. Awesome. Thank you for the advice!