What are everyone's thoughts on the Bowler?

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  1. Saw it at NM the other day in Grenat. Although the color is fab I'm not a fan of the shape. Just wondering.........
  2. I want one actually! I prefer new styles as I'm hoping that there would be less fakes. But does anyone know how much they cost in US and in UK?
  3. Me neither. I was at Bal NY and saw bowler, mini bowler, afternoon and mid afternoon. I like the afternoon collection better that I decided to buy the mid afternoon. :yahoo:

    To me, I think the bowler collection is too wide and with that shape, it's not flattering when putting the stuffs in. I like to try the bag on while putting all my stuffs inside. I think the slouchy-ness looks best with the regtangular bag (width is wider than the hight). That's what makes First, City, Work and Weekender look awesome. Hope this makes sense. :P

    On the other hand, the afternoon collection is quite structured. I'm not sure it will get slouchier after used. I like it that I can put laptop, books and stuffs and it can stand on itself. :nuts:
  4. I'm getting the large bowler!!!:love: I only saw the mini bowler in person and it was just adorable! I love how the bag zips and how the tassles hang on the bag!!! I saw the mini in greige and grenat. I loved them both. I can't remember if the mini bowler was $1075. or $1095. I don't know how much retail is for the large bowler though! I would love to know. My best guess would be that it's probably $1295.
  5. I am slowly falling in looooove with the Bowler style, especially after seeing that one on ebay in rouge vif!!!! I even dreamed about it last night lol! zac, is that the one you're getting? If so, I am so very jealous... it's TDF! :love: :tender:
  6. Here's mine!!!
  7. ^ zac, stop posting, I'm dying here :roflmfao: Just kidding! I loooove it! Keep posting pics so I can live vicariously through you! :tender:
  8. I do believe I have fallen for it as well....in white. :love:
  9. I have the Rouge Vif Large Bowler :yahoo: - it is 670 GBP here in the UK :yes:
    I really love the style - but then I love all the b-bag styles!!!! :love:

    I have both the mini (in greige) and the large. Both fit great over the shoulder and are so light and easy to carry. What I particularly like about the large is that because is is a vertical/tall bag, the corners don't stick out and jab things or people. I find that the horizonal shapes like the work in particular are sometimes a tiny bit ackward in crammed stores and queues etc always brushing against things.....I love all b-bags I am just highlighting one of the advantages the bowlers has :heart:
  10. Zacorey - that is one outrageous bag...congratulations!!!

    I'm not really a red person but after seeing all these rouge vif bags, I'm caving.......yours might have pushed me over the edge :lol:
  11. :lol: :lol: I know I posted in many threads!!! Can't contain my excitement!!! I'll be banned soon!:lol:

    Glimmer- the white leather this season is amazing!!!

    Live- Thank you!!! I :heart: this color! It's so amazing!!! Go for it! Maybe a smaller bag in this color would be perfect for you!
  12. When are you getting it, zac? I'm so excited, and it's not even my bag [​IMG]
  13. Thanks so much Hatikuh for your excitement!!!:flowers: :yahoo: I am getting it this week- it's on the way!!!
  14. Sorry for all the questions but what's the size difference between the small and the large? Thank you!!
  15. i like it! although personally i think it's too long...
    and i think it won't suit me.