What are everyone's thoughts on the Baby Cabas

  1. Hey ladies,

    I am enjoying the process of building my Chanel collection. I have a Black Jumbo Classic Caviar with Silver HW, a Black Cerf Tote with Silver hardware, and sunglasses and jewelry.

    I'm planning to buy the Jumbo Classic in White later in the Spring, and I'm looking for a larger, slouchier bag to add to the collection. The pics I've seen of the Baby Cabas have interested me, and I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

    Love/Hate/Too trendy???
  2. i love mine. it's nice to have a combo of both structured and slouchy. the makeup bag it comes with helps keep organized, too. but you might have a hard time finding one, i got my during Saks EGC and it was the LAST one.
  3. i :heart: mine too ~ it is a fab every day bag ~ i do find the caviar leather a bit hard but i am told it will soften in time ~ try NM ~ they located one for me only last month ~ good luck ~ :flowers:
  4. I think the baby cabas is awesome, Chanel's taken on a more modern bag yet it's got so much staying power.
  5. ITA with mewlicious. :yes:I love my large baby cabas esp the braided chain!:heart:
  6. its cute, if you see it, get it as they are fast disappearing!
  7. I love mine also! I've had mine over a year and it's held up great! It's been such a great seller that I bet Chanel will bring the bag back.
  8. I love slouchy bags, and I love big bags so this really is the perfect bag, IMO. I absolutely adore mine! The leather is really easy to care for, and you don't have to baby it too much (as compared to lambskin or soft calfskin) and it's the bag I grab the most. Love it, love it, love it! Only time will tell, but I think it is a Chanel classic! They are getting very scarce so I would suggest that if you are interested at all and you see one, GET IT!
  9. Dear ladies, I have a silly question:p, what is the difference between baby cabas and coco cabas? pictures will be great! TIA:heart:
  10. I'm actually using mine today ... love this bag as well, especially how durable it is. I saw a spot on mine last night and it just wiped off so easily. Definitely worth having in your collection if you're able to find one!
  11. I'm in the minority but I don't like the Cabas at all... any of them.
  12. ladies what is the difference between the large baby cabas and the baby cabas????
  13. I think the Baby Cabas depends on the color that you get... I had a bronze/khaki and the leather was a bit stiff--something that others on the forum have commented on. Because of that, I just couldn't see it working for me. The bag didn't slouch enough and was a bit more "poufy" than what I had hoped for. However, I've heard that the leather on the black Baby Cabas is much more supple and soft so that it slouches a bit more. My other complaint was that I didn't like the larger opening of the bag with just the magnetic closure.

    I recently bought a large Soft & Chain hobo which slouches and has a much smaller opening. It's the perfect slouchy bag for me--but it's definitelly not as big as the Cabas... Hope that helps!
  14. I've always loved the cabas. I've been having the WORST time deciding between the baby cabas and the LV mahina!
  15. wickedassin,

    your posting was awesome!!! thanks so much!!! i think i'm leaning against the bag after doing some thinking.

    what colors do the soft and chain come in? how much is that one?