What are everyones current thoughts on LAMB?

  1. I thought I would take a moment to ask what are everyones current thoughts on the L.A.M.B. handbag line?

    As I am getting ready to let go of some pieces and picking up others (tribal Williamsfield) I really have started to think about the line.


    I like where L.A.M.B. is going. I feel like there has been season after season of disappointment but it seems someone has finally stepped in to create a more credible collection. I am hoping the brand only gets better and maybe we will get some of the original patterns back (this assumption being made from the TJ Maxx collection).

    Of course, I really miss the quality. I recently bought the Tribal Williamsfield, and I love the pattern, but comparing that to the Masala Williamsfield I own it's like - not even comparable. The Tribal is so flimsy and cheap, while the Masala can stand upright without being stuffed.

    Basically my thoughts are that the brand is getting better, but its nowhere near what it was. I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen!
  2. i havent liked any since 2009 sometime. some newer patterns are ok to me but then i hate the new bag shapes. the new one with the cherry blossom i would have bought in spite of the bag shapes but theres too much empty white space.
  3. i went in last call last week and they had 40% off. i was sad cause i hated everything they had :sad:
  4. I always find something I like most seasons, and the last couple have been decent. Prints are fine, the design however.....

    I just want it to go back to how it used to be in terms of sig styles, design, quality. I don't mind paying more money if it's like it used to be. Why they changed anything is beyond me. If it's cost cutting, make it more of an exclusive brand where they don't produce as many bags.

    I'll never love it as much as I used to.
  5. Past it's prime IMO - none of these bags can hold a candle to the beauties produced in the past like the Rasta print and entire Music line.
  6. I'm a big fan of the past lines, only a few of the newer stuff makes me look twice
  7. So basically everyone is in the same place? What was the last piece you loved?
  8. I like where the new stuff is going, especially in terms of the material supposedly being thicker than it has been, heading back in the direction of the old bags. I also feel like a lot of the new prints are aiming for a younger demographic.

    Tie-dye Audrey, I need one in my life. And I really like the Calligraphy Roses print as well.
  9. I hadn't really liked any of the bags since the Music line. I ended up tired of L.A.M.B. and sold almost all my bags. All I had left was a Cheetah Commodore and a keypouch.

    The brand captured my interest again when I saw the Leopard print in the Freestyle line. I got a Coventry and picked up a few accessories that were at TJ Maxx. Now, I'm liking some of the new prints and definitely the new Ocelot print. Guess the animal prints got me back into the brand.

    I'm hoping in the next seasons, the bags will keep getting better and better quality. I would really like them to be what they used to be.
  10. Who has said the material is thicker? I have only felt my Tribal Williamsfield, but I haven't felt anything flimsier in quite some time! Are the other pieces thicker?
  11. ^ somebody here on tpf said they saw the new snow leopard bags in person at Nordstrom recently and the canvas is apparently heavier weight and shinier now.... frankly i'm glad to see the flimsy canvas go!

    as far as what i think of l.a.m.b. right now ~ i love the brand and i always will and i think they're going in a good direction stylistically, but i do wish the quality would return to the way it was at the beginning ca. '07-'08.

    for me personally i made the conscious decision to stick with the classics that fit my personal style....i love b&w checkerboard, pyramid freestyle, leopard freestyle, bristol signature and the new snow leopard signature...as well as the original leopard rasta stripe, black rasta stripe and icon teak from the lesportsac lines in '03 and '04....i'm going to stick to those for the long haul.
  12. Oh I was going to say, my tribal williamsfield is very thin canvas. But it is so light to carry even with a bunch of stuff in it.

    It's lighter than my HL bag. :/
  13. the handles on the new signature bags are like string! sooo thin.
    the last one i bought was elmwood icon stencil. sadly the handles and corner piping arent doing too well and i take care of my bag. :sad:
  14. What are the handles like? That worries me purchasing the new Tribal Williamsfield. I still have the tags on. Maybe I should return it?
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