What are cruises like? Do people still get sea sick?

  1. I may be going on a cruise with my bf and I have no idea what it will be like and neither does he. Although, *I* always get sick on a boat, but have never been on a big boat or a cruise ship.

    What is it like...? I'm trying to determine if this is something I should do or not.
  2. Cruise ships have huge stabilizers to keep motion at a minimum. However, the power of the ocean is incredible!!

    I love crusing. It's a fabulous way to travel and I always meet incredible people and feel so energized afterwards!

    One thing to remember is the lower the deck you are on, the more stable it will be. Meaning, it is often the desire to have a top level cabin with the posh views/private balconies that some offer, etc. BUT, if you are prone to get seasick it's better to be on a lower level.

    Some people wear those patches behind their ears (not sure what they are called) to help with motion sickness.

    I remember one night in particular I couldn't sleep because we did have a lot of rolling seas. But I just imagined it as a big giant cradle rocking me to sleep...I just went with the motion rather than fighting it. Sounds weird, but it worked like a charm!

    Bon voyage!
  3. Pursegrl is correct, the larger the boat, the better the stabilizers. WHat kind of boats have you been on before?

    Also, see your doctor for some Dramamine to take before boarding. It helps a lot! And nibble on some crackers as well.

    HAVE FUN! I wish I was going with you! I loveeeee being on a boat!
  4. I get sick on small boats, which really sucks because I love being on boats. Regardless of my motion sickness, I still fly and go on boats all the time. I have these wristbands for motion sickness and they have actually helped quite a bit. Sometimes after a long flight I will still get sick, but the wristbands have helped a LOT. Cruises will be much more stable, just as Pursegrl mentioned. The bigger the ship, the less rocking and movement you will feel. Cruises are very fun..the tips pile up though! You have to spend quite a bit of money everyday per person on tips but I think it's worth it. It's a great experience. Do you know where you are going yet?
  5. I went on a cruise last sept. and the first nite was the worst, after that u get used to it. The boat i went on wasnt the biggest so you can feel the rocking immediately when you board, that nite at dinner i had the biggest headache and i couldnt eat. But the second day everything was fine. Only thing i had a problem with was going to the gym and running...i felt like i going to fall off. (the gym was at the top deck)
    Also, for like 3-4 days after i got off the boat i felt like there was constantly an earthquake going on...HAHAHAA. it was the funniest thing ever.

    -You should def. go!!! Its one of the best experiences...the free food (24 hours a day) is the best part.
  6. I love going on cruises. I took Dramamine the night before and for the 1st two nights right before going to sleep and I had no problems the rest of the cruise.

    A great website is http://www.cruisecritic.com it is the purse forum of cruises. Great info on the message boards.
  7. I get seasick on small boats too.
  8. Just make sure your room isn't in the bottom of the ship near the front or the back-- you can sometimes feel the anchors and thrusters in those places, even on huge ships. I've heard of people getting a little queasy at the beginning of the cruise, but they said Dramamine helps. Seasickness is the only kind of motion sickness I don't get, but I can say that when I went on a tiny cruise boat, it was VERY stable and steady. You couldn't feel any motion or rocking at all :tup:
  9. Imo, its just like a giant house. My best friend gets really bad sea-sick, and she generally didn't think it was that bad. It just feels like a huuuge home on water.
  10. I won't lie and say you can't feel it sometimes, but most of the time you totally forget you are on a ship. I have been told lower rooms toward the middle of the boat are the best for those with bad sea sickness, because if you are in the middle you move the least, but what fun is a room with no view!

    I only got sick on my first cruise. I think your body adjusts and it is nothing like being on a smaller boat. I think it is worth a try!
  11. I've gone on cruises every year for the last 8 or so years. My next one will be in December. It's a 15-day cruise of Hawaii leaving from San Diego. I ALWAYS get sea sick even on large cruise ships. However, I take Bonine. You can buy it over-the-counter. I have NEVER gotten sick while taking Bonine. The active ingredient is Meclizine. If you can't find Bonine, any over-the-counter Meclizine product will probably work. I enjoy cruising because you unpack once and you travel to various places. I would also suggest purchasing the best room you can afford. I always get a suite will a balcony which helps.
  12. find out how many people your ship holds. . .
    we went on a 3-day cruise to Mexico so the ship wasn't massive, but it's was a "cruise ship", we had a lower cabin w/ a window and we felt like dung the entire time. Sorry! We swear we'll never do it again!
    Dramamine is available next to Rolaids and Tums at your grocer, but it makes you drowsy :sad:
  13. I got sick on a big ship, despite Bonine and Dramamine. Never again.
  14. I've went and never got sea sick, but generally don't anyway. Size of the boat- very important too. Take meds just in case.

    As for what it is like- since you asked- I did not care for it. If you are fine with scheduled activities and have a ship w/ enough to entertain you, you should be okay. It doesn't work for me b/c my ideal vacation is sitting on the beach all day, a little shopping, ect. I felt the ports were too rushed- keep the timetables given in mind when booking.
  15. Thanks so much you guys! We were thinking of a cruise to the Caribbean. I will definitely keep these tips in mind with the room selection in the middle and lower. I was hoping taking motion sickness meds were totally unnecessary because they make me incredibly drowsy but I will definitely take some along just in case.