what are chanel pearls made of?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    i know that the pearl necklaces are part of costume jewelry....
    but what are the pearls made of?
  2. I was told glass...but maybe I was misinformed.
  3. They are not fresh water pearl, are they?
  4. ^ Definitely not, perfectly round pearls (even freshwater) are pricey to begin with, and if Chanel pearl strands are made with real pearls I'm sure they would cost more than $3000 because you also have to incorporate the cost of the brand name on the product...not to mention pearls the size of Chanel pearls are very, very rare.

    I would assume they are made of coated plastic...maybe resin?
  5. they are 100% glass, so they can chip ... so i send mine in for maintenance every now and then~
  6. Ohhh right, I think a TPFer made a thread about chipped pearls last month...
  7. where do you send them to get maintenance? what do they do w/them? is it the "peeled paint" ?
  8. too much to pay for faux pearl necklace that chips, no?
  9. To some.
    But the scattered logo & iconic charms that are usually on costume jewelry can really make a whole different look then just a "pearl necklace"...It just depends on if you want real pearls or a necklace that is a little more "fun". I don't usually wear a ton of "real" jewelry daily or casually...the costume jewelry is fun but yes expensive. I have a few pieces and have not had any trouble at all with them. So I guess it just depends.

    I have real pearls as well, but I guess it just depends on what suits my mood or outfit better at the time. I can honestly say I don't wear my reals pearls much.
  10. I agree, I would rather spend money on a strand of Akoya pearls.
  11. it's made of glass beads w/coating, it's more of a fun piece.
  12. I have 2 pairs of Chanel pearls. they are a coated glass, I love the look they give to an outfit, sometimes its all you need, they are over priced , but a great investment because they are classic and iconic.
  13. ITA- I love the great dash of Chanel they add to an outfit. They really stand out and are a little more unexpected than regular pearls. Yes, they are pricey, so if you like the multi-strand look, I think the best way to go is to buy the timeless classic strand and wear them with another strand of non-Chanel pearls. I'm actually looking for a non-Chanel pair to match with my timeless strand, so if anyone has any advice, please let me know!