What animal has been the "Love of your Life", past or present

  1. Hi, I was wondering what animal has been the "love of your life", either still with you or now gone. Everyone (hopefully) loves all their animals but every now and then someone special comes into your life. So who has been that extra special friend.

    Mine was a Newfoundland dog who we got at 8 weeks old. I remember going to see him for the first time as a puppy him looking up at me and I just knew he was going to be my total love. We was devoted to one and other he was always beside me. He had a glistening black coat and had such strength in his presence, and so clever I swear he knew what I said to him and understood. His name was Barnaby. Barnaby died from heart problems on the 1st june 2001. A day has not gone by that I have not thought/missed him.
  2. My cat Bordeaux. He's seven and I've had him for the last four years. He is so attached to me and he loves to sleep right next to me in bed like a person. He is definately the love of my (pet) life.
  3. Mine is my bunny, "Rexamophone"...or "Rex" for short. :love: He's a cuddler and snuggler and loves to lick toes.
  4. Jack is the kitty love of my life...my daughter actually calls him her brother LOL! Jack is an orange tabby and is 10 1/2 years old. He follows me around everywhere, sleeps next to my pillow, watches tv nestled right under my arm (warm arm rest), and talks to me (meow's a whole conversation) when I talk to him. I :heart: him dearly.
  5. I have three!!

    1--Carmen, my Chihuahua...I got to hold her in my hand the first day she was born!! :smile:
    2-Bentley, my other Chi...he is such a lovey dovey goofball...I adore him!
    3-Sunny, my Arabian horse...stunning, intelligent, my "right hand man"...such a blast to ride!
  6. ALL MY CATS!!!
    Star-My first ever kitty! She especially loves computer stuff. Stars at printer... 'Helps' me type all the time... She is a talker, too...
    Chiclet-Raised since 7 days old with his brother Wrigley! Big boy and weighs 20 lbs! In-your-face kinda boy.
    Wrigley-Raised since 7 days old with his brother Chiclet! Very athletic! Always together with Chiclet...
    Tiramisu-My evil cute kitty. She turns evil when trimming nails, at the vet's... Loves to play with Cat Dancer!
    Rocky-Went to heaven last May... LOVES chicken and cannot cook without him 'helping' in the kitchen... Steals food from plate... Best snuggler... Best dresser... I MISS HIM...
    Venus-Hates other cats but loves humans. Very pretty girl with blue eyes... Loves her daddy's chest to sleep on...

  7. Maya my chihuahua is for sure. I think it's that she is my own dog that I have been raising by myself ... without help from mom! haha So I'm her one and only mommy.
    Two other pets were both mine technically, but were raised by my entire family, Nikki a terrier/spaniel mix, she was a little black thing, looked alot like a seal pup...we got her at the pound, she had been abusd, and she was seriously the sweetest dog in the world. So gentle and just wonderful. She passed away two years ago.
    There is also Daisy, who we found in our back yard...a cat had had her litter there under our deck. So we kept her, Nikki wouldn't leave her alone...she loved her and they got along really well. Daisy was kinda bratty and moody! hehe but she was also a sweet darling. She was living with my mom, and about three months ago she was hit by a car, which is sad... I was so excited to see her again this Christmas and kept telling my mom she wouldn't recognize me anymore. Anyways, They were all loves of my life, but Maya occupies my mind all of the time since I don't have back-up mom to take care of her when I want to go and do something, etc.
    Sorry for the novel.
  8. Danica, your story is lovely, a Chihuahua who thinks shes a dog and I bet Nikki was beautiful. Couturegal Your animals sound lovely, an Arabian Horse I bet he "flies".
    Tiramisu I am sorry you lost Rocky sounds quite a character, I bet he was into everything.
  9. Thanks Saich2 you are so sweet:smile:
  10. Saich2-Thankyou... Yes, Rocky was into everything!!! You bring take-home food that has meat and he will tear through the paper bag and styrofoam to get to the food... You leave the table in the middle of dinner just to get something and you see him running with the grilled salmon that you were just eating... You leave a bag of dry cat food out and he tears a hole in the corner... You cook chicken on a pan and he licks the oil off (He got sick for 24 hrs after this one...Go figure!!!)... You open the fridge and he is right there meowing... Many more stories... He loved spending time in the kitchen . We could not leave anything out, which was good in a way because we cleaned right after eating. He was a pain, but I miss that... But I see a bit of Rocky in the rest of the cats...
  11. A persian cat I had when I was a teenager. she was white/grey with light green eyes. her name was Fluffy. such a sweetheart:heart: she'd lick my tears when I'd cry and sleep on my pillow at night with me..she died from breast cancer :sad:..she had 3 operations but no use sadly..they put her to sleep in the end so she could rest from the pain..it was a horrible time :sad:

    and now it's my Siameese called Baby..had him for over 6 years.
    he is the sweetest thing. he follows me everywhere I go. and talks away to me and loves to cuddle.
    I think he thinks of me as his mom cause we got him from a very young age.
    so that's why he's so stuck to me. I love it :heart:

    He truely made the pain of loosing Fluffy stay in the back of my head. I never will forget her but I love him too. they both are/were my little angels.
  12. Cat_inluv I can tell you loved Fluffy very much, I am so sorry it breaks your heart when you lose them.

    Tiramisu - your bit about Rocky did make me laugh. We use to have a sweet cupboard where everything nice was keeped. At that time I had a Newfoundland called Moby, we use to wait untill Moby started going down the garden then as quitely as we could open the sweet cupboard, When we turned round - their was Moby looking at us do not know how he knew.
  13. My dog Bhobho, and my four cats: Kuning, Jack, Kecil, and Manis.. they are the loves of my life!

    Bhobho.. adopted him when he was 8 weeks old. We have been together eversince. He's everything for me.

    My cats. I used to be a non-cat person, but near my office there are a lot of stray cats around, and often lil kittens stranded into my garage. I ended up taking 4 of them. I wish I can take more but the cage is not big enuff.
  14. Thank you for the kind words :smile:
    I'm thankful I met her and have lots of wonderful memories of her :heart:.
  15. My late kitty, Mush Mush Kitty Cat (I named her myself when I was 3 [pronounced Moosh Moosh Kitty Cat]) She died when I was 16 from Feline Lukemia. She was my special kitty. I'm tearing up just thinking how I miss her.