What And Who is Your Definition of A Diva ?

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  1. Whats The Differance if any, between a Diva and Drama Queen ?
  2. I think there is a difference.

    I believe that the word Diva can have MANY negative connotations, and the definition is quite subjective. Still, in my opinion a Diva is a woman who is very self-assured, knows what she wants, and makes sure she gets it. A diva demands respect and likes nice things. ;) A Diva is a powerful woman, and perhaps the word has so many bad meanings, is beacuse we all know how our male-dominant culture embraces powerful women.... .:-P

    A Drama Queen is someone who blows every situation out of proportion to ensure that she is always the one at the center of attention. :-P
  3. See... IMO there is two types of DIVA. You have the Classy Diva who just knows how to put herself together in the best light in both fashion and conduct. She doesn't put anyone down to put herself up. She does this opposite. She encourgages and enlightens. Both men and women give her props.

    The other kind...the Tacky Diva thinks it all about her. She always wants the spotlight and no one else can share it. She dresses to impress and to belittle. God forbid if someone receives a compliment other than her because no one deserves it but her. She causes drama with no consideration for anyone else or their feelings. Basically in her mind.. you are better for knowing her.
  4. What is Your Definition of A Diva ?

    Anyone whose name starts with Jennifer and ends with Lopez. :suspiciou
  5. For me , a diva is a leading lady( a prima donna), not just a good opera singer but whoever it is that excels in her field and lead the pack. People just stand in awe of her and can't get enough.I understand the negative connotations associated with the word but whenever I'm using the term, I only have positive vibes in my mind.

    A drama queen on the other hand is someone who constantly needs attention and craves for acceptance.
  6. A Diva in my mind is a very influential woman in music or on the celluloids. She doesn't necessarily have to be overly demanding as some have liberated the term to mean. In my mind, Nora of Sunset Boulevard is the definition of an aged diva, another one would be Diana Ross.

    And a Drama Queen is just someone who thinks they're all that, kind of like J. Lo.. but she really isn't.

    Mariah Carey is walking the fine line between the two.. some days, she does some stupid stuff that just makes me want to smack her, but she's such fixture musically that you can't help but acknowledge her diva status.
  7. Celine Dion and Sharon Stone come to mind as divas - (women most often in show business) who think they are Goddesses. Drama Queens are women (from all walks of life) who initially overreact to distress. My son tells me I tend to be a drama queen - it means I make a big deal out of very little - can't help it, It's just me.
  8. I agree. They're two talented divas. :amuse: When I think of Drama Queens, I think of people like Mariah or Christina Aquilera. They just seem to make a fuss other nothing. Which is surprising because both are talented.