What and how many bags you bought this year?!

  1. In the thread on yearly purse expenditures, we have the amount we have spent. But I'm curious to know what BAGS and how many you have bought so far this year.

    I'll start with myself:
    1. Hermès 32 cm Kelly, rigid, in fuschia
    2. Prada nylon messenger bag in rouge red
    3. Hermès Paris-Bombay in black
    4. Balenciaga City in ink (present from my husband)

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  2. So far

    1. Chloe Paddington in Blanc
    2. Hermes Birkin in Gold
    3. Marc Jacobs stam
  3. I went a little crazy this year so far...
    A Kooba Marcelle
    A Kooba Scarlett
    A Dooney & Bourke Ostrich Flap Bag
    Coach Tie Dye Satchel
    Coach Khaki Gallery Wristlet
    Dooney Coin Purse
    Dooney Ostrich Wallet
    A Botkier Trigger Luxe
    Isabella Fiore Flashback Hobo
    Coach Weekend Satchel
    Coach Gallery Tote
  4. Lexie! That's a lot of bag! How do you choose to wear them?
  5. I bought:
    LV MC white lodge pm
    Chloe paddington in dark grey
    B-bag city in ink
    B-bag first in cornflower
    Epi compact wallet in red
    LV make up pouch
    LV vernis agenda in vernis
    So no more anything for me until August.
  6. I feel like I'm going to a meeting of "Bags Anonymous"

    It's been apparently a bit of a stressful winter which means too many purses!...

    Lanvin Kansas black
    Balenciaga pale rose box
    Balenciaga black first
    Mulberry rosemary
    Hermes kelly Rouge chevre 32
    Hermes birkin 30 potiron
    Hermes kelly bleu roi ostrich 32

    I've sold several bags though and am still debating on a couple of more!! Yikes - why did you make me write it down??!!:shame: :shame: I'm done for the year....but I know what I want NEXT year LOL!
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  7. LV Speedy 40
    LV Speedy 35 (BF got it for me though)
    Maybe 10 kate spades from eBay
    Maybe 5 Coach bags from eBay and the outlets (and a fellow PF member)

    I think it's more than that but I really don't want to count and list them or I might faint.
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  8. Wow, you guys are making me feel better:

    Black Ferragamo
    Kooba Haydon
    Botkier Stirrup
    Bulga medium tote (bought from another PF member)

    We're all nuts, aren't we?
  9. In the past 365 days, or since the beginning of 2006?

    Let's assume that you are asking for purchases during 2006:

    White MJ Stella limited edition
    Whiskey Chloe Paddington
    Whiskey Chloe Edith
  10. You guys make me feel better too!
    Black and tan large Gucci Horsebit hobos, I must have another!!
    Damier saleya MM love her!
  11. Wow!!!

    I've only bought one bag this year.. LV crossaint I think that's what it's called.. the smallest size.
  12. A cerises speedy (turned out to be a fake, got $ back from seller)
    A cerise pochette (never received, got $ back from CC company)
    A petite noe (from Becca!! Great bag)
    A mini pochette (am using as a wallet)
    And I'm in the process of purchasing a Babylone...
  13. You make me feel that I haven't bought anything :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Well, if I add the accesories like wallets, agendas, scarves, etc... then I also have more to put on my list. ;)
  14. You found a Lanvin Kansas black in 2006?! You're so lucky! May I ask which store you bought this from? I've been searching everywhere (i.e. called up practically every store in the US that sells Lanvin, eBay, etc.) for the 2005 Lanvin Kansas in black (not really digging the 2006 bi-color/2-tone version or the '05 brown one) but no luck so far... It must be one of the those bags that no one wants to ever give up....
  15. Ok, I'm sorta feeling a little "less" guilty--but not much. Here's my list:

    1) LV Cerise Sac Plat
    2) YSL Mombasa
    3) LV Epi Passy GM
    4) Kale Essential

    I have a large Chanel Reissue being sent to me, but I haven't seen it yet--so "she" doesn't count.