What an obnoxious seller....

  1. Wow! What a jerk.
    he's evern ruder than that Rjconnect was to me.
  2. I just noticed the two recent responses. What a jekyll & hyde personality. Scary.
  3. gosh, i HATE sellers like that. responding like that takes too much energy, sheesh.
  4. wowowowowow. unreal. and it's selling. gross.
  5. The Q & A started off fine, and then with the last 2 this jerk just flipped out and got super nasty. I pity anybody who does business with such a seller. I tried to find a way to report him to eBay but nothing applied. Does anyone know how to report such vile behavior to them? What a loose cannon!!!
  6. Such a pretty bag!!!! But what a jerk off. WOW!!!
  7. I just do not get why someone does not make a point to say authentic in the auction? Isn't that why we would bid? He is a nut job, for sure!
    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!!!
  8. I am no LV expert but with his reaction, I would be surprised if it was real. He does not say it is authentic and goes off on someone for asking...hummm. NUT JOB!! lol :nuts:
  9. wow...THATS AN unstable EBAYER!!!!!rofl!
  10. On another note, that mannequin the seller is using in the photo is straight from my nightmares.
  11. What a jerk!
  12. you know where HE's gonna go? on my never transact with list! thanks!
  13. The questions start from the bottom up, so the first two have the PMS attitude. Looks like after that, HE'S the one who decided to smoka da pakalolo and was like, waatevah and mellowed out with the questions.

    I noticed varsha (a pf member) won this. I wish her the best and hope she keeps the advice and inquiries to a minimum so she doesn't get a croc shoe up the arse.
  14. What a pompous a*se! He definitely doesn't deserve the feedback he has! That was a fair question considering he didn't mention it in the description!

    Out of curiosity, isn't LVs made from leather? Coz this bag is made a "leather-like" material? :confused1: