What an influence you ladies are...

  1. My first post, BTW. I was happy with my Coach and Kate Spade handbags until the day I first got on purseblog. After enjoying your posts, I found myself on the Louis Vuitton website, drooling. As luck would have it, there is a LV store in the Macy's across the street from my office. So, I wandered in this week, just to take a peek, and left with a gorgeous Popincourt Haut! I absolutely love it.

    I still love my other handbags, but they do not make my heart stop like my new LV. There is no comparison between them.
  2. Wow, what a great story!! Welcome to tPF! Enjoy your new PH and please post pix!
  3. Welcome to the PF!! Congrats on your first LV! It won't be long until you add on, you'll see.....it's addicting!!
  4. The funny part is, I just bought a new Coach bag two weeks ago (Hamptons Signature Large Hobo), and was thrilled with it. Then along come's LV, and my poor Coach bag is in the closet! I love my new LV.
  5. Hi, welcome to PF, congrats on you PH..share the pics when you get a chance
  6. Try the Coach subforum for some encouragement...I got my first Coach (hamptons too!) long after my first LVs and I make sure she isn't neglected either :tender: .

    But yeah, I always have an even BETTER day when I carry my LV! :supacool:
  7. Congrats on your new PH!!
  8. Welcome and congratulations on your purchase.
  9. Hi Jeri!

    Welcome and congrats on your new bag! You are going to love it here!
  10. welcome and congrats
  11. I just ordered the ph ....do you love it...I want details......congrats
  12. Enjoy your new LV handbag !
    Me too, I started with the LV packpack and used it for travel only, after a while I was just amazed at the quality and how it went with everything/classic and then started checking out the designs and options of the handbags, etc.