what an idiot?!

  1. When i got home from shopping and some idiot left a phone message on my recorder. he dialed a wrong number and was saying "Hey Billy, you stupid punk ass where is my money!!?? you have until 11:00pm to get it. you smoking cracking? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: omg, it was laughable! then the idiot calls again and leaves more tirades

  2. i ave no idea how people do that.... dont they listen to the voice mail greetings and figure..."oh this is not the name of the person i am supposed to call" duh!!!!!!
    i got these calls from a number that turned out to be assited living of nebraska??? :wtf:
    very weird.......:nuts:
  3. :lol: yeah, and his punk ass friend will get his ass kicked at 11:00pm tonight for not paying up:roflmfao: or something like that. but if they are calling a wrong number they dont know where we are.
  4. i have no idea what the hell he was talking about?!! it looks like he is selling some drugs or something like that. i dunno. lol!
  5. Oh, I can SO top that! Our phone number is a few digits off from a local Bail Bonds company!! You would not BELIEVE the phone calls we have gotten (and yes, our voice mail greeting identifies our household name). Naturally they'll come at all hours since it's a bail bonds outfit. The last one we got was at 2AM. I was dead alseep when I picked up the phone and the drunk on the other line starts yaking about needing bail money. Let's just say my response to them would get promptly deleted if I posted it here!!

    Our second line of lunacy is related to the woman we bought this house from 9 years ago (read NINE years ago). I have had the same phone number since 1990 and we got this house in 1997. Unbeknownst to us at the time we bought the house, the woman was on the lamb from creditors, her ex-husband AND the SC Department of Treasury!! :wtf: Several years ago, we started getting phone calls from people looking for this woman on MY phone number!! Apparently those idiots used that computer service that gives the phone number for the address and our phone number obviously came up. Needless to say what was said to those callers was also not something I'd type here either! :cursing:

    Shoot, we STILL get mail from her creditors after all this time....
  6. lol, I always think it's hillarious when people do that :smile:

    One time someone called me on my cell phone asking for his girlfriend. I told him he had the wrong number, and he said "Well, you sound cute...What are you doing?" haha!
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. My name is Christie. The other night I got a call from a woman calling me Christine and claiming shes my grandmother. LOL.
  9. Ha Ha some guy called me the other day asking if I was pregnant, I said ah I think you got the wrong number, he started laughing, he sounded drunk he said "Oh man, I'm sooo sorry dude, (I'm a girl mind you) totally" my bad but thanks for being so nice about it, I don't even remember the number I was trying to dial " we had a small convo before hanging up, I guess this guy was stressed over his girl being pregnant, he sounded young.:s
  10. haha ,. akll of them are so funny
  11. OMG haha, some of these stories are great. Although it was not a phone call me and my mum was out a week ago shopping and a lady came up to my mum and said "Are you Mirina's daughter ?" and my was like "No sorry" and this lady said "Are you sure cause you do look like Mirina's daughter"...I was laughing my head off.
  12. I have something similar happening on July 4th this year where a woman called me on my cell at 6:30am (on a holiday) and asked to talk to "Ricky". When I told her she had the wrong number (I don't know any Ricky), she kept calling every 30 minutes and left me these awful voicemail, calling me a tramp who was with her "man". Eventually I had to change my cell# (I love that number too) as I found out there is a way to find out who owns what cell# if you go through the correct channel, and the last thing I want to deal with is a misunderstood person (who is obviously not listening to any explanation) that appears very belligerent and threatening.

  13. This happened to my ex, except that the person was asking for "Ricky" who owed her money. She refused to believe he's not "Ricky." She would call often, like every three days. He couldn't block her number because it was private. He got a lot of private phone calls from friends/important people so he would always pick up the call....
  14. When we got a new home in Texas we kept getting phone calls for a couple that owed money. I explained over and over that we were not that couple. They kept asking for George and Sandra. One day my DH got so mad, he said he was George and that he was never paying them their money! It was funny, but ultimately we changed our number. There was no convincing these creditors that we were not George and Sandra.
  15. wow. i'm glad that i am not only one who received a wrong msg from a stranger. it was great to hear from your weirdest stories!! :o)