What an expensive addiction! Just ordered another.

  1. Ok well - despite being on a ban due to the fact I just bought a new car and dont really have the extra funds at the moment, I just ordered my third Chloe bag in such a short space of time, the Kerala Bowling bag from Net-A-Porter. I got up this morning and saw it had been reduced (I dont know when it was reduced but I only noticed this morning!) I have wanted that bag for AGES and so I ordered.
    I then felt bad and canceled it. After I got home from work I had another look at it and decided I had to have it. I thought if I get it and Im not as in love as I am when I look at the pictures then I will just send it back for a refund. But at least I can make the decision in person instead of regretting it later when its sold out!
    Cant wait to receive it but I REALLY must stop for a while. Im going to be in so much trouble when it turns up at hubbys work!
  2. LOL, yes... the chloe virus sounds like it's taking over. It starts in your brain and slowly takes over everything - the first sign of serious infection is when you make rash chloe-related decisions. The unmake those decisions. Then make them again. The second sign is reckless risk-taking. A good example of this is having a bag sent to your husband's work, where he is sure to find out about the purchase. The third sign (and it's coming your way, believe me), is when your limbs twitch involuntarily when there are Chloes around - at a shop, at a sale, or when someone walks past you with a Chloe and you break your neck trying to ogle it... get thee to a doctor, jaime!
  3. Hahahahaha, I know, I know - I hate sending stuff to his work. But I only work 3 days so its no good sending it to mine so if I send it home its likely to come on a work day and if I send it to work it will come on a home day and they dont like storing packages they say to pick it up on the day its delivered. That leaves hubby and he'll get over it - after some huffing and puffing about yet another one!
  4. I just had a look at that bag on nap. I am sure it wasnt reduced last time I had a look at Chloe bags on that site. It is a nice bag. The new Keralas are in patent leather. It is actually quite a bargain with this one. I need to stay good though so I will feel less bad when I buy a bag from last collection:angel::lol:
  5. It's a great bag... I was eying it for quite a while... Now I'm eying Large Paddington Capsule tote... My birthday is coming up soon...hmmm
    Truly its an expensive addiction...
  6. Well done, this bag has been newly reduced. You got in there quick. Lovely bag :tup:

  7. YOu are very wise, i_wona... nobody could have described it better...
  8. Lovely choice Jaime...You did what you had to do.. A girl's gotta have what a girl's gotta have ;) I am sure you will love it, but if you don't - just send it back... hope you post some pics when you get it... :smile:
  9. I know exactly what you mean - I just bought a new car a few weeks ago and told myself - no more purses! The sales are so great right now I just can't resist! Good luck on your purchase and your decision.
  10. He he, I don't think bans work, they just seem to highlight all the beautiful bags that are around that u aren't allowed to buy :crybaby:I'm on one myself untill April, and i'm determined to stick to it (can you hear the cracks in my voice?)

    Please post pics when ur shiny new bag arrives, then those of us on bans can live through you! Congrats on ur great find!
  11. Ok, well it arrived!
    And Im not sure about it. I like it - heaps - but I didnt realise it was metallic bronzy/brown. Net-A-Porter describes it as brown leather. Does anyone have this bag or another Kerala which is metallic? I dont know how it will wear and if it doesnt wear well I dont really want to keep it. Its a bit different to what I expected and am still deciding on keeping it or not.
  12. Jaime, your first post about the purchase of this bag sounded identical to many of my own bag buys ( impulse buy when cash strapped, cancelling,reordering,maybe cancelling and reordering again and then getting the bag and returning it...then in my case, even buying it again and so on....:rolleyes:).

    Anyway, I have an Argent (silver) Metallic Quilted Bay and have been rather alarmed by the fact that the metallic coating has started to wear off in certain places revealing a dull black colour underneath. My bag does get rather heavy usage, but that said I don't think this problem should be occuring on such an expensive bag. I've heard from other TPF'ers that metallic finish wearing off is endemic on Chloe bags, so it isn't just an isolated problem with my mine. Much as I love my bag, I certainly wouldn't have bought it if I'd known this problem was likely to occur:nogood:. Just thought I'd chip in with this issue if you're unsure about keeping your metallic bag.
  13. Wow yeh I thought this might be the case. I can see the leather underneath is brown and the metallic look over the top isnt overpowering so maybe it wouldnt matter too much if it wore off a bit - oh decisions decisions - I think Im almost going to just cut the return tag thingy from NAP and keep it but I dont want to regret it or never use it because it ends up being shabby looking. Hubby went off at me for buying another bag (he only found out when it was delivered) but he doesnt know the hassle I go through to make up my mind!!
  14. I believe NAP should rethink the way they describe colors... I bought a shadow/dark grey betty which looked nearly black in the pics and it turned out to be elephant grey... very misleading...:push:
    i was eyeing your bag (gorgeous!) and even considered purchasing it - it didnt look metallic at all... :tdown:
    Good luck in your decision making... do you want it FOREVER or just make the most of it for a couple of years before letting it go?:shrugs:
  15. I *think* I might keep it.
    Hubby said "just keep it you dont have anything like it but no more *swear word* bags"
    I do have shoes that match but they arent the most comfortable shoes.... I am still debating I figure I have until next wedesday to ask for a refund so I will keep thinking. It is sold out now so my thing is if I do send it back and regret it I might not get another chance!
    Most bags I order or look at on NAP sales seem to hang around for a while so I have plenty of time to decide but this time it has gone fast!