What an awesome day! speedyyyy!

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  1. i had waitlisted for the silver miroir speedy, and when the time came around, never got a call, and never got the bag. I had searched eBay for months alas the prices made me feel like i knew a 30 was too small for me, and to just give up and get the keepall...
    I am a boy who carries speedys [saw a post about this a few days back] and i have a mono 35, which to me, is the perfect size.
    Last night, couldnt really sleep, and ended browsing craigslist before bed. I was looking for a sphynx cat [hairless, anyone on here by chance own one?] and decided to see if theyre was any LV at all worth checking out.
    A post caught my eye, listed in my town, advertising a silver miroir speedy for sale.
    the asking price was $600 cash only. Had to be fishy, but the pictures looked legit.
    Emailed the seller, just asking for more pictures, to see if they were generic stolen from eBay images. He sent over quite a few detailed photos, and my heart started pounding. Had i really just found a silver speedy for $600? Spoke to my boyfriend about it, telling him it had to be fate, or a sick joke. I knew i shouldnt of spent that much [just bought a new house & car] so i emailed the seller, offering a lowball price, and asked to see the bag. He agreed to my offer [im now in shock] and said he could meet me after work TODAY. i agreed, and all day panicked thinking "too good to be true, bait and switch, possiable mugging?" haha. We agreed on the front of target at 4:30, and he showed at 4:30 on the dot. He had a large alma shaped dooney and burke bag, and inside was this shining piece of PVC beauty!
    the moment i saw it, i knew it was the REAL DEAL!
    I inspected the bag, stitching, date code, EVERYTHING, as i had researched the bag A TON today before going, just to make sure i looked for it all. He took my cash, i said thank you, and now, i own this beauty. and let me tell you, she is well worth the $350 i paid! what a great day!:tup::yahoo:
    excuse the ****ty pictures, its late and i have work early tomorrow, but there is a few of me and the bag, and a dumb one of me compairing sizes.
    DSC00649.jpg DSC00671.jpg DSC00672.jpg DSC00677.jpg
  2. I really cannot believe you bought a Miroir Speedy for $350!!:wtf:
  3. WOWZAAA!!!! congrats!!
  4. That's a steal!

    I am very happy for you! It looks fabulous on you! Congratssss!!!! :woohoo:
  5. congrats!
  6. CONGRATS!!!! OMG that's SO great!
    I love the Miroir speedy! and for only $350! :party:
  7. :wtf:speechless.......Congratulation!
  8. congrats!
  9. Hey you look just stunning...and for 350 dollars we all hate you here!!! just kidding!!!
    It looks great on you...wear it in the best of health!!!
    And if you buy the cat please don't let her anywhere near this beauty..
  10. good things come to those who wait..and you got a great deal on top of that! So happy for you..congrats!
  11. good thiings comes to those who research and persevere more like! :biggrin: enjoy it!!!
  12. Congrats! Such a bargain! wish i was that lucky. Love the pics.
  13. Score!
  14. Wow!! I'm so jealous. An authentic Miroir Speedy for $350?? :nuts:

    I waitlisted for one, too and never got one :sad:.
  15. That's incredibe!! Congratulations!
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