What am I to do ??? Need U Guys !!!

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  1. I am wanting a large Sabrina in Black or Espresso and don't know which one :shrugs:

    Also to get one I need to return my Large Black patent Zoe, Should I or not :shrugs:

    Let me know your thoughts, help a girl out, lol!!!
  2. OOH...tough choice. I love my large Sabrina so much that I would trade it in for sure but, it really depends on how much you love your Zoe.
  3. I like Sabrina in expresso! I like the zoe, I would keep.. but it depends how much you like it.

  4. What color did you get? If I go with the Black I am not sure whether to get Silver HW or Gold? Thanks
  5. Thanks... my problem is I like too many :P
  6. i have both the black and espresso large sabrinas. love both,but personally use the black more. i would choose sabrina over zoe, but then again, i don't own a zoe! the sabrinas are amazing in the large leather. love this bag. good luck with your dilemna!

  7. THANKS!
    May I ask... does your Black have the Gold HW or Silver HW? This is another toughie
  8. I have the Steel and Berry right now but, I saw the Black/Silver the other day IRL and it is so sharp looking...so much better than Black/Brass IMO!
  9. I love my Black Patent Zoe:heart: and would not give it up but if you really want a Sabrina and must let go of the Zoe, go with the black. It think Zoe is the best and I'm wanting the Green Patent :drool: to add to the collection!
  10. Go for Sabrina! The Zoe was never really my thing though.
  11. I vote Sabrina in espresso, it's so pretty! Return Zoe and get it later at the outlet (those are already at mine)!
  12. This is a tough decision.... I just recently returned my sm/med Expresso Sabrina and found the LG Chocolate Patent Zoe at the outlet. I personally love the Zoe. I have the Med silver one in patent. I like to carry my handbags more on my shoulder. I loved the look of the Sabrina in the satchel mode, but not with the long shoulder strap. So I'd have to say that it's going to be more of a personal decision. Do you like the look of the Sabrina and it's versatility? Or do you like the look of the Zoe and the non versatility(Kinda).

    Sorry if I've made the decision that much harder. Or I didn't help at all!! Just my few cents. Good Luck deciding!!!
  13. Wow, that is tough...do you really love your Zoe?? I love both styles, so I'm sort of no help...lol. Do you have a black hobo in your collection? Do you have any sabrinas yet? would you like the look of the sabrina as a shoulder bag compared to it as a handbag? I personally love the sabrina worn both ways, but some don't like the look of it as a shoulder bag. Maybe try it on? If I had a choice I'd probably go w/ the espresso sabrina...but only because I have a tendency to lean toward brown bags as opposed to black bags. Good luck deciding!

  14. OK, The bar has been raised... Just called Coach and found out that the Teal is still available :faint: OMG... now I have to decide out of the Black with Silver HW or the Teal. I have ruled out the espresso for now and may get it another time.
    I do love the Zoe, its so sharp but just figured I didnt need several Black bags... thats if I go with the Black Sabrina. I love a satchel type bag, I guess the style of a Sabina reminds me of my LV speedy... which is my favorite style in a handbag.
    I love the Sabrina hand held or on the arm but not by the shoulder strap... JMO. I for sure want a Sabrina though, just picking a color is so tough.

  15. I to think the Zoe is so sharp and would really like to keep it. I seen the Green Patent :nuts: GORGEOUS!!! I really want a large Sabrina but dont know if I should just wait, grab the Black with Silver HW... now the Teal is back :faint: GEE, this is tough.