What am I missing?!

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  1. Obviously have the itch to buy a new bag. What do you think I'm missing from my collection?!
    This is my current collection...

    *LV Neverfull GM in Damier Azur
    *LV Speedy Bandoulier 25 in Damier Ebene
    *LV Monogram Toiletry 26- used as a clutch
    *Chanel Medium Classic Flap In Caviar Black with GHW
    *Chanel GST in Caviar Black with SHW
    *Chanel Classic Square Mini in Burgundy with GHW
    *Hermes Birkin 35 in Black Togo with PHW


    *LV Monogram key Cles
    *LV Monogram and Fuscia 6 Key Holder
    *LV Emprient Curiuse Wallet in Auror
    *LV Cosmetic Pouch PM in Damier Ebene
    *Hermes Uylsse PM in Cobalt
  2. Maybe some color in your handbags? Not sure how you feel about vibrant reds, but that might be a fun addition to your collection.
  3. A blue perhaps? I agree, have sun fun with a colour. Ps you collection is great!
  4. What's about Taupe or greyish color?
  5. You're missing a Reissue :smile:
  6. Wow, outstanding collection. It seems very well thought-out!

    It seems like your only light-colored bag is your huge tote. How about a smaller bag in a light color? I'm not sure if another big-ticket Hermes is in the cards, but if so, and if this were MY fantasy collection to round out for you, I'd probably add a gold Kelly. Or how about a Chanel boy bag in camel or white? I just saw a camel top-handle boy in another thread, and it is to die for.
  7. Boy, rectangular mini, or reissue!!
  8. A reissue would be a great addition. A red chevron reissue with GHW!! Only because u have so many blacks already, or u can get a so black reissue , looks wicked.. I love the classic reissue with GHW as well... so elegant!
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  9. I've been thinking about a reissue!! I love them. I agree I need a smaller light color. Not big into vibrant colors though. I would love a small Kelly but my wallet needs a break for a while on that!! Maybe in a few years lol
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  10. +1 :smile:
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  11. Jumbo or reissue!
  12. +1
  13. if you are thinking reissue and if you like the chevron pattern... "Tis the season..." with some amazing ones out right now :graucho:
  14. Oh my, your burgundy mini sq must be gorg x i would say maybe consider adding a woc in your collection? since it is compact and easy for errands running or travelling
  15. Or maybe a clutch? I saw (only posted here, not in person) a beautiful black lambskin clutch that I assume is new for this season.