What am I gonna do with my DH?

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  1. He hates my Coach bags. He doesn't care if I buy them, but he's always making fun of them. I just showed him a picture of the Sophia in black and he told me it looks like something a doctor would carry in the mid 1800's and that it looks like it should be used to carry penicillin, syringes and sutures.

    I can't wait to see what he's going to say when I bring it home in green. :P

    Does anyone else's DH use their Coach bags as comedic material? Don't even get me started on what he's said about my Poppy Tartan.

    He even went so far as to pull out my Michael Kors Fall catalogue and show me what I should buy. I told him they were about $2K a piece and he said I could afford it if I stopped buying all this cheap Coach. :nuts:

    What a piece of work. It's all said in fun don't get me wrong - he cracks me up.
  2. sometimes my df does, and if we are in the store and he thinks something is ugly he has no shame in letting me know lol. but he also has a sweet side of bringing home stuff since he literally works one store across from a coach outlet LOL. so i deal with it.

    most of the time i joke back, so if i was told that it looked like a doctors bag from the 1800's, i would just say call me dr quinn medicine woman :P and then i would ask if he wanted to be the patient.. and you see where this is going LOL. :angel:
  3. Aww...do you include him in your purchases? Like, let him pick out something at the store/outlet he likes for you to judge...see what his taste is? Men are supposed to act all manly, but after you have been together for a while you can see some interest appear. LOL! Especially if it is something you love...they always are curious about that!
    His teasing is all in good fun, like you said. Let him pick you out something in a store, not a catalogue...see what he comes up with. Should be interesting.

    My husband...well...when I get ready to buy something, I always drag him to the store/computer to see it first. If he says he doesn't like it, 99% of the time I won't get it unless my heart is set on it.
    But he has his endearing qualities as well...I found a Jade Sequin Ocassion Pouch at the outlet...with a broken chain strap (one of the links broke and fell off) for $60. We brought it home and he and I (mostly him) spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out how to fix it. Finally, he stole it away from me, went down into the basement. A hour later he returns, and the strap is fixed! He rigged it up to where it works now, and added an extra new chain to it to boot...to make it unique. I was touched that he went through that much trouble. And now, because he worked so hard on that itty bitty thing, he is hoping Coach makes a sequin spotlight in the same color. LOL!
    He also likes to figure out how to put my keychains on. Some of the hardware is too thick for the dogleash clips, so he figures out ways to put them on for me.
    The only joke he has made about Coach is about that pleat on the Embossed Audrey. Other than that, he is normal. LOL!
    Whenever we go to Dillards or the outlet, I ask him, "do you see anything you like?" because if he picks out something he likes...and I like it too...I might be able to get another bag.... :nuts:
  4. You are sharper than me, I'm one of those people who always thinks of the good comeback when the moment is long gone. :P
  5. omg.......
  6. Girl, you are married to the man... the moment is NEVER gone to play doctor! :graucho:
  7. Another typical comment from men is that it looks like a "granny bag"...that gets tossed around probably even more than the doctor's bag comment. You have to keep in mind that these comments are coming from the gender that thinks rose, fuschia, wine, magenta and even burgundy are all simply "pink". As long as he is not complaining about your spending, I would take it with a grain of salt ;)
  8. He always goes shopping with me - my friends say he is a saint. He actually has this uncanny fashion sense - but he grew up with all sisters in Montreal - a city known for it's fashion, and his sisters and mother have this impeccable sense of style. To look at my DH he looks like what he is - kind of a geek (physicist), but he really does "get" fashion. He's just not a fan of Coach - which I am fine with really. He will still help me pick stuff out and give opinions - laced with humour and sarcasm - but that is what I love most about him - he totally cracks me up.

    When it comes to him purchasing bags for me - he prefers to buy me Michael Kors - my 2 Kors bags were gifts from him, and really awesome ones at that!! So that's cool - I'll buy my Coach and he'll buy me Kors - no complaints there!!

    I think it's so sweet that your DH is so helpful on your bags and makes sure they work for you and goes with you - that's awesome!!

  9. No but sometimes the moment for the great comeback has passed me by and sometimes I'd trade that for the opportunity to play doctor. :lol:

    There is so much satisfaction in getting in a good zinger!!!!!!
  10. My bf hates anything gold so when I show him something he doesn't like regardless of it's actual color he responds with "it's gold". Silly thing it all started with the steel Julianne. I loved it he said it was gold and now it's our code word. When I hear that I'm just like "say no more..."

    I did end up getting a Julianne in black so no worries girls :smile:
  11. My DH always goes shopping with me, and supports my bag addiction.

    He makes fun of the fact that they have names...Hailey, Zoe, etc. When he sees me changing purses he'll say, " who is that?" Also, when I buy a bag, he tells our baby that he's getting a new "sister"
  12. my boyfriend thinks all the bags i pick are grandma bags. it drives me nuts. i always try to include him on what im getting but he tends to never like any of them. so i go shopping with him out him. he has no shame to tell the coach girls how ugly the bags are.
  13. Too funny ... your DH sounds like mine!:P He doesn't like any of my Coach bags except for two ... he doesn't understand why I buy them. Like your DH, he's always saying I could have bought one really nice expensive bag instead of ten okay looking ones. I know he means well!:biggrin:
  14. ROFL! I'm sorry but i have to laugh.
    He sounds like my hubby!
    The last attack was when he said my Kristin Satchel in blue smoke looked like a pillow. lol
    Needless to say I returned her. She never made it out the house. lol

  15. HHAHAHAHA!! That's too cute!