What am I doing wrong???

  1. I purchased my first birkin :yahoo: about 3 months ago from the BH store, and since then have bought a numerous amount of other items from the same SA who helped with my first purchase which just happened to be out of sheer luck , I went into the H boutique for a bracelet and the store manager just happened to be putting out a birkin for display. The SA who has been helping me is nnice but I dont feel she is really trying to help me et my 2nd birkin which I have mentioned in a non chalant way a couple of times. On the 2nd to last visit she asked me what I was looking for (a black or red 35cm to be exact) wrote it on a card and winked (whatever that is supposed to mean). Everytime I go into the store she has never offerd any birkins to me (from reading this thread I get the impression that some of the stores sometimes have a couple of items in the back) nor has she ever mentioned trying to find something for me. I would really like to have another birkin (and then another and another and another) and I honestly dont know what I am doing wrong. I am seriously starting to loose hope . Everyone on this forum is so nice and helpful and 9 and I have been reading through the different threads that SA's call and offer you lovely ladies birkins and kellys, I was just wondering is there something else I should be doing or is it just pointless.:sad:
  2. congrats on your first birkin!

    as for the slow second one, i'm not sure, i don' t have quite enough experience but maybe they didn't have one in the back? also, i know you mentioned you were interested in the birkin but did you ask everytime you came in? i guess persistence can help :smile:

    i'm sure the other folks here can give you good advice. good luck! what is your first birkin?
  3. Thanks pigleto-
    It was a 35cm cognac which I love!!!!!
  4. also, sometimes the stores have a 1 birkin per year rule. i dunno if it's one per calendar year or one per 12 months exactly. ?? i got mine at the end of december. it doesn't matter cos i'm trying to not get one for a fair bit :biggrin:
  5. I got mine in November, but it was going to be a display. Do you know if that rule applies for displays or just for SO's
  6. is this attached to the address or the person's name.
    Like if my husband bought one and then I decided to buy one within a calendar year?
  7. i think the person proper, but not sure. i've heard of people getting one for themselves, then another for a relative. it varies from store to store, from what i understand.
  8. It could be that said SA is not high up enough to "offer" anything. You could just point blank ask "what necessary steps do I need to do to get another"? If she isn't senior enough to handle this I would want to switch SAs and not waste time building raport that will lead no where.
  9. wow, gazoo, I am impressed by how you would respond.... I wish I can be that straightforward, I guess because I haven't purchased nor been to the H store that much... but if you had been to the store regularly, have a good talk with the SA and clearly state what you would like, so for the next birkin, this is what you are looking for and so forth.... congrats on your first birkin by the way..
  10. It could quite possibly be the boutique you frequent. Some just are a bare to deal with.

    If I were you, I would step up and ask point blank as gazoo suggested. If you are not happy with the reply from your SA...ask her to graciously get the manager and speak with her yourself. That is why the manager is there and she should be able to answer you. Whether you will like her answer is a whole different thing.

    Good Luck!
  11. I never heard that. I bought two birkins in 2006 from my store with no problem.

    Which stores have a one birkin per year rule?
  12. I am speaking from experience with the BH boutique. I purchased a Birkin there and then about a month or so later, mentioned I wanted another one and asked if I needed to wait a year, etc. I was under the impression that it was 1 Birkin per year due to things I had read here. Well my SA simply said "let me know when you decide what you want and we'll SO it". That was it, no drama, no mention of rules, and no winking. I had purchased other things along the way but I am not an extreme spender spending 100K a year there. Anyway, I think we all deserve as straight an answer as possible when contemplating dropping close to 9K on a bag.

    And I have seen the exact treatment that SHOEGAL11 has received. I get the feeling that not all SAs are created equal at these boutiques because the "lower level" ones cannot even check the computer for availability on items not in the store. That is a sure fire way to find out if your SA has clout. You ask if they can find out if there are any ----- in the country available in said color. If they have clout, they will check the PC, if they do not they say something like "I'm sorry we don't have that" and then there is a long pause. No offers of checking the system.

    Anyway SHOEGAL, I would just ask sweetly but firmly. Afterall you are a bonafide member of the family now and deserve to be treated as such.

    One can also just browse and watch the SAs behavior to figure out clout. If they seem to run to a specific person for questions and messages, chances are that person/SA is the one with the power and answers.
  13. i believe the charlotte store has that rule. which is good since i won't be getting another for a while :smile:
  14. I don't know if this helps but I have two SA's I deal with, one is senior and has been with the company for over ten years and the other just a year.
    I remember that before I got my birkin(which I got from the senior one),I had asked the newer SA about acquiring birkins and was always told the same answer that what you see is what you get and whatever is on the floor is what they have.
    I think the more senoir ones usually gets to know what's available and it would be good to deal with them versus the newer ones.
  15. Thank you so much GAZOO for your detailed and very helpful response. I plan on going to the BH store tommorow and I am going to just straight out ask what I need to do, if she does not respond in a sincere way I am going to have to switch SA'S and find a SA that is really helpful. Thanks again!!!! Your response REALLY HELPED!!!!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: