what am i doing wrong?!

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  1. so...
    i've cut back on calories and fat intake. i'm eating better foods (lots of veggies and fruits, very little fried). i'm working out when i can (not as much as i should, but i'm certainly walking more than before, which counts for something). i'm drinking more water and have cut out most pop (even though it's all diet, anyways). and, aside from the occassional pms or stress-induced choco craving, i'm staying away from sweets (a miracle!)
    and i got on the scale today (first time in awhile). and i've gained 12 pounds.
    i KNEW my clothes were fitting tighter.
    what on EARTH am i doing wrong, you guys?!
    i am SO far beyond frustrated right now and everytime i pass a mirror, i feel like crying. or punching the mirror. cause if cutting back and trying to exercise isn't doing any good, i might as well go back to my binge/purge thing to lose weight. at least that WORKED.
    so, i don't know what to do. i thought i was doing SO well and making such a POSITIVE change...and it's for nothing.
    i feel so defeated...
  2. First I would say that perhaps you should have at least a "mini" physical with your MD to check thyroid and other possible organic issues that could be working against you. That said, it is very hard to see what you are doing "wrong" as you did not give details such as calorie intake, and such. Also, sometimes age is an issue, in other words in your late teens and 20's it is easier for most women to lose weight. Also, anyone who posts and says you have probably gained 12 lbs in muscle is not correct. It is very hard for women to pack on muscle, so there is probably something in your diet/work out that needs to be tweaked.
  3. How can you gained 12 lbs yet your clothes fitted better than before?

    What fruits and veggies do you eat? Do you eat protein?

    1) ROME wasn't built in a day
    2) THROW away the scale
    3) Never give up.
  4. i lost a few pounds, clothes fit better...then gained this. and nothing fits.

    i eat lots of broccoli, green beans (beans, in general), carrots, etc. can't eat too much spinach/lettuce b/c of a med i'm on. fruit-wise, i eat it ALL. lots of apples and bananas right now.
  5. I'm sure it has to do w/ insulin levels and other such things.
    Some foods aren't meatabolized well by some people.
    I know carrots and bananas are on the DON'T list for a bunch of people for this reason.
    I agree w/ Irish.
    There's a clinic here that measures all your levels; heartrate, resting heartrate, approx how many calories you burn and how many you need too sustain current weight, blood tests to figure out which foods to avoid, etc. . . .
  6. You just mentioned that you are on meds...some medicines cause weight gain...
  7. i've been on this one for about a year...just a blood thinner and i don't think it's the culprit...

    so i should cut out the bananas and carrots and stuff? dang...
    i thought i was doing good by eating them.
  8. maybe try weight watchers - it gives you a very easy way to measure what you're eating based on calories, fat, and fiber so that you don't exceed what you should take in, based on your current weight. odd as it is, you can still overeat and gain weight when you think you're eatting healthy - we're so used to huge portions, and even things like bananas have calories that have to be factored in. i've never, ever seen anyone follow weight watchers and not lose weight, so if you try that and it doesn't work, i'd see your doctor, because there's probably a medical reason that you're gaining weight that could possibly be easily treated.
  9. You mentioned you should go back to binging and purging- so is this weight gain since you stopped binging/purging? Because that is the first thing that came to me.

    Sometimes also you may not be getting enough of what you need- many people cut back on food and calorie intake and their body goes into starvation mode and they don't burn anything. Also, you need to make sure you get some protein in there and carbs- you did not mention either and those are just as important to your diet.
  10. By the way, research supports that the binge and purge cycle impacts the metabolism in a negative way, women who engage in this destructive pattern find that it is harder to lose weight because of the damage to the metabolic process. I would suggest that you begin to use some type of program such as WW that allows you to closely moniter your intake, and possibly speak with a therapist to work on techniques that will help you to avoid using the binge and purge cycle as a "tool" to lose weight.
  11. Totally second what you say Irishgal!! :yes:
  12. dangit...
    i'm sure that's it.

    ...but i never really did have a good metabolism...so it's not like i could really do damage.

    and i've done ww before. good in theory and definately helps...but the problem is that ALL i thought about was food- and wasn't what i needed.
  13. ^ I would venture to say that it is. Your body was under extreme stress. You have to just stick to it.

    Make sure you are eating ALL of the food groups everyday. Protein is a must, carbs are a must (stick with brown rice and sweet potatoes and whole grains) and fruits and veggies. Your body must be trained into proper eating after bodily stress from binging/purging. :yes:

    Hang in there
  14. i'll do my best to stay with it...

    (and i want to clarify, after seeing that announcement at the top, by no means do i want it to seem like i want to stay with this eating disorder...on the contrary, i really want to get well. but it seems to keep creeping back into my head. so, megs, i just wanted to make sure you knew that- and if any talk of an ED isn't acceptable, i understand).
  15. I can't add much to the really good suggestions from everyone. Some fruits and vegetables turn to sugar in our bodies faster than others--bananas, pineapple, watermelon, carrots are among them. Stick with your healthy plan and I'll bet when your body stabilizes, the weight will begin to come off. I know it's hard to be patient. Best wishes, Kallison.:heart: